Monday, 24 March 2008

Isaac wants to stand!

These pictures are dated 9th February 2008 - the first few days of the chinese new year. Even at that time, Isaac always wanted to stand. Not that he could do it on his own, no, no, he couldn't balance himself standing. But when one carried him and tried to make him sit - he would STRAIGHTEN his legs, and REFUSE to sit! He wanted to stand! So you had to like bend his knees to force him to sit, if you wanted to make him sit.
At this time too, I started to let him hold on to my fingers, and pull himself from a lying down position, into a sitting position, and finally into a standing position. He's pretty good at it, and he enjoys doing it.
Think he still has a bit of head lag at this time when the video below was taken, but as of today today, he's very strong and there's no head lag already. See vid below! :) more vids coming up!

all pictures and video taken on 9th February 2008
Isaac @ 6 months


  1. Sounds like you are going to have a lot on your hands soon. When he starts to stand, you can start saying hello to all the climbing and the running. Baby boys seem to have this trait more so than baby girls.

    If in doubt, my mum will vouch for that. ;-)

  2. hahaha yeah... Matthew and I are constantly saying to each other:" Becca and Isabelle was never like that, hor?" hahaha... he's already quite a handful!


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