Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Isaac's 2nd haircut on 13th Jan 2008

Remember Isaac's first haircut in November 2007? Hubbs loved Isaac's botak head look so much, that he kept asking me to cut his head botak again for Chinese New Year (CNY)! Well, I agree that Isaac looks kinda cute botak heady like, but... he looks quite cute with his hair grown out also what, right? See below for the BEFORE shot...
Not bad, right? Quite cute, what. But then, even hubbs knows the power of nagging. So, finally, I caved in to his demands - BUT... I bargained for 2 things - that we were to cut a few weeks before CNY (hehehe so that his hair got 'chance' to grow out by CNY) and that we will not cut his hair as short as we did the first time. At that time, we cut till like 2mm short, now, I bargained for 1cm. Hubbs agreed to my conditions, so the road was paved for Isaac's 2nd hair cut! :)

We decided to cut at my mum's place, at the porch - kekeke easier to sweep the hair and we don't have to be super clean about it ;) Here's Isaac in the bumbo again, with a nice little hair-cutting-cloth-thingy around his neck - my mum's - donch know where she got it from (probably my Duah Ee who's very good at sewing all sorts of wonderful stuff).
Kekeke... Isaac's looking kinda uncomfortable and awkward think coz it was kinda hot out that afternoon, plus he was wearing the cloth thingy and we had just put lotsa powder on his neck thereabouts.
Then I started shaving away... He was alright for awhile - like, the duration it took to take these pictures. Then he started getting irritated coz of the heat, and struggled to get out of the bumbo chair. Thus hubbs had to carry him whilst I finished the haircut. I'd a bit of problem shaving his hair this time, coz he was sweating - so his hair stuck to his scalp! Making it kinda impossible for me to shave the back of his head!
all pictures above taken on 13th January 2008
Isaac @ 5 months plus

Luckily, it turned out quite alright. See the AFTER photo below (taken a week after the haircut though - coz he was too frustrated for us to take his picture after the haircut the week before!)
pictures taken on 20th January 2008
Isaac @ 5 and a half months

That's Isaac with his sheepish morning just-wake-up look. So *DUH* looking, yeah?! hahahaha...

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