Thursday, 27 March 2008

Look like, or not?

Guess who is this??? It's me!!! Yes! Mummy of Isaac! Me, when I was a baby! kekeke... So how? Look like Isaac or not? Or rather, Isaac looks like me, or not? kekeke... When Isaac was born, he was very skinny at that time, so everyone commented that he looked exactly like hubbs. Which even my family and I totally agreed with.
Then Isaac started to put on weight, and he started becoming fairer and fairer. And soon, he grew into an exact replica of myself when I was a baby! Every time my mother carried him, she would say that it's like carrying me when I was a baby. The funny thing was, even other people like my in laws and family on hubbs side, and other friends and outsiders - people who have never seen me when I was a baby , all commented that Isaac looks like me now! above taken circa 1979/1980
pamela @ a few months; petrina @ a few months plus 3 years

People who like to needle hubbs for the fun of it all tell him that it's a blessing that Isaac looks like me. But hubbs' is a good sport about it and usually replies that it is good that Isaac looks like me. As you can tell, I'm very pleased too! HAHAHA... only... erm... I hope my daughter/s next time... don't look like hubbs... Sons - can! Daughters - nooooooooo!!! ;p

And here's our lil' guy again :) I find that he looks particularly like me when he smiles and grins like that - then his face goes squarish like. Just like me in the first pic on the top of this post! hehehe...
above two pictures taken on 24th February 2008
Isaac @ 6 and a half months

So what do you think??? Look like, or not??? :)


  1. Now, with photographic evidence, we are able to confirm that there is indeed more than a fleeting resemblance to you. Call off the DNA tests! Just Kidding! ;-)

    Like Mother like Son.

    I love all the yellowed photos. They are not meant to be sepia but they all look so. I will have to dig out some now for my newest post on my blog too. LOL.

  2. Hahaha! You're so funny when you said your daughters mustn't look like your hubby. I LOLed! But I agree with you! ;P ;P ;P

    You're so sweet and pretty in the first photo... Isaac's got your smile and chin. Jeddy's got my mouth and chin too! Next time show you. Must dig out my baby pics first!


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