Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Sheepish chee ko pek look

picture taken on 4th February 2008
Isaac @ 2 days to 6 months

Hehehhee... we thought this was quite a cute picture of Isaac. He has the just-wake-up-look (see his eyes, one big one small), plus that sheepish smile... gives him a cheeky chee ko pek look! hahaha...

At the time of this picture in early February, Isaac could sit up like that if propped against something. But he wasn't very steady as yet - would still topple over.

But how time flies and babies grow! As of today, Isaac can sit without problem, from sitting, get into a crawling position, crawl on fours (very quickly at that! - oh, and he skipped the leopard crawl stage), from sitting to standing, from being on all fours to a standing position, and he knows how to pull himself to a standing position by 'climbing' on things...

In other words - I have many videos to post ;p

So as you can see, am trying to accelerate and catch up on posting as fast as I can! :) Stay tuned!

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