Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Spidey Boy's debut!

As you can see, SpideyBoy ain't too happy about putting on his Spidey mask. But hey! That's SpideyBoy's debut! kekeke... Son of SpideyParents must be SpideyBoy! :)
I confess - I am the one with the Spidey craze, not hubbs. Hmmm... think I've liked Spiderman since I was young. Dunno why Spiderman in particular (I like other characters too, childhoood cartoon characters like Popeye and Woody Woodpecker and Smurfs) but Spidey's always been me first love (sorry hubbs). And puhlease, it's Spiderman and not Tobey Maguire that I like, ok? Please get that straight ;p

Hubbs doesn't mind my Spideyness. He's smart. I mean, he got off lucky, right? Better than me liking Hello Kitty or Disney Princesses and insisting that he wears a Dear Daniel or a Disney Prince tshirt. and not to mention decking everything in pink (eeeuuuwwww!!!). So, he's a lucky man. And he knows it! HAHAHHA...
all pictures above taken on 17th February 2008
Isaac @ 6 months plus

Here's Isaac with his Godma Pamela (yes! same name! :p) and her hubby Uncle Kok Pin! We'd patiently wait for Kok Pin to get baptised and become Catholic so he can be Isaac's Godpa too! kekeke... Isaac's Godpa-to-be was one of hubbs' secondary school best mates, so they've known each other for ages.

And recently... we've got some excellent news! Isaac's gonna get a God-sibling later this year!!! Hoorah!!! :) Congrats Pam & Kok Pin!!! yay!!!


  1. Imagine that I was already preggers in this photo but didn't know yet and still happily ate so much sashimi! haha! Well, that was the last of my sashimi feast till a long time to come. keke!

  2. hahahahahahahahaha! Sooooo funny!!!!! Isaac looks visibly traumatised in his spidey suit. Oh man, this is the cutest!

  3. pam to pam,

    hahahaha yeah! so luckily you got to eat sashimi one last time!!! :)

    pam to jo,

    hahaha yeah Isaac hates it when anything is pulled over his face like that. He always makes noise and swipe our hands away when we try to wear his clothes for him. hahaha...

  4. He just doesn't want anything to mask his beautiful face. "Look at me", he screams! "Love me for my looks. I may be superficial but love me for the way I look.", he declares. LOL

    I don't think he is that vain. I just think Spiderman is not his cuppa of tea. ;-)


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