Monday, 10 March 2008

Weekend morning picture sessions

Yes, you might have noticed that we do take a lot of pictures of Isaac. But, no, we don't take them everyday. Coz I noticed that the photos turn out better if we take them in the daytime. So these pictures would have Isaac lounging around his bed... wearing his sheepish morning just-wake-up look. But the thing that always amazes us, is that he's very smiley, even when he just wake up. Even when we wake him up! ;p
He's usually very good about waking up before us on weekends - he'd just play on his own on his bed, flipping and rolling and now, crawling around...
till he gets bored and starts to 'call' us to play with him! hahaha... then we'd wake up and play with him :)

and start taking many many pictures of him! :) He even seems to recognise the camera and he'd smile at the camera! :)
above pictures all taken on 20th January 2008
Isaac @ 5.5 mths

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