Friday, 25 April 2008

Baptism of Isaac & Natalie

Isaac finally got baptised at the ripe old age of 8 months old - on 6th April 2008.

Well, the reason why we waited so long was coz, initially, we wanted to wait for Natalie to be born, so they can get baptised together. Natalie was born 3 months after Isaac. But after that, my sister (Natalie's mummy) had confinement, then it was Christmas, then CNY, then we were all busy. and only in April did we finally settle down to get the kids baptised.
Here's us and Isaac with Isaac's Godma Pamela & Godpa-to-be Kok Pin :) We can't wait for Isaac's God-sibling to arrive! Yay! Another baby! kekeke...
The Boy Who Laughs was certainly not laughing much during his baptism - he was King Cranky throughout! Sighz! Father John-Paul says he can join the choir! :p See how tall Father JP is! He makes hubbs look short, and makes me look so petite! nice! kekeke...
And here's my sister and her three princesses - Rebecca, Isabelle & Natalie - whom I'm carrying! and guess what?! Hubbs and I are Natalie's Godparents! :) We've found that it's not been easy finding close friends who are Catholics to be our kids' Godparents. And in good catholic tradition (well, as far as I know!), when we are left with no more close friends who are catholic to call upon to be godparents - we ask relatives to be.
Well, lucky us - I've found us the perfect Godma for our next kid! No... still not pregnant ... yet... though Godma #2 is bugging me to start creating her Godkid already... she wants a girl... kekeke... so does hubbs... well, so do I. But, we'd see what God blesses us next with - his choice! :) Natalie my Goddaughter! :) We've a daughter already! hehehe... pictures above taken on 6th April 2008
Isaac @ 8 months; Natalie @ 5 months

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Isaac at work

Being an 8th month old is not easy.

There are important things to do like crawling, climbing, whining, groaning, sleeping, eating and general investigation to do (putting everything you see into the mouth for further analysis).
Nowadays, have to keep track of blogs too. Make sure it's interesting and the like, ya know. With such cheong hey blog writers around... a lot of work to do man! *shack* !!!
pictures above taken on 6th April 2008
Isaac @ 8 months

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Good Papa

Here's the good papa changing Isaac's diaper, wearing back his long pants for him.
I can't recall if I've mentioned it before - that hubbs' is quite good with taking care of Isaac. He's very involved and does almost everything he cans. He changes diapers, he bathes Isaac, he bottle feeds Isaac - in fact, the only thing he can't do, is to breast feed him! kekeke...
I have attempted to get Isaac to suckle hubbs - but he wasn't interested. Think dun have the smell (of milk) to antice him, plus hubbs nipple is like totally FLAT - so a bit hard for Isaac to latch on lah. So, lucky hubbs, doesn't have to endure the sore and bleeding nipples stage that I went through when I first started breastfeeding.
Oh and lucky hubbs doesn't need to wake up in the middle of the night to be a milk bar to Isaac. hummphh. I don't think I have slept straight, uninterrupted, for more than 3 hours since I have given birth to Isaac. Sighz. Just last night, our dear Isaac woke up at every hour!!! *groan* If he goes on like that, I sure peng san, I tell you.
above pictures taken on 5th April 2008
Isaac @ one day to 8 months

Ah well, as Confucius says: the price of motherhood, never comes cheap. (not sure when he said that ;p think he was confused. hahahhahaa... sorry brain's mushed already. all coz of the little boy that wouldn't sleeeeep!!!! urrghhh!!! ;p)

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Isaac standing with help

As early as March 2008 - when Isaac was about 7 months old, he could pull himself to a standing position. Here're some pix of him standing in the cot.
It's kinda like his favourite position there, coz when he stands like that, he's looking straight at the computer screen. Hehehe... yes, I put him there to buy myself some minutes on the net, or to upload photos onto this blog...
Here he is grinning away. Wait till he gets impatient, then he'd start to whine and groan and make all sorts of noises to make us carry him. Sometimes, all he wants is to sit on our laps while we surf the net :) yes yes... starting young huh!
pictures above taken on 21st March 2008
Isaac @ 7 and a half months

video taken on 17th March 2008
Isaac @ 7 mths & 11 days

Friday, 18 April 2008

Isaac goes swimming!

We finally brought Isaac swimming! We kept wanting to bring him swimming once he hit 6 months, but we were busy and all...
Isaac loves the water. He loves bathing, and would protest loudly whenever we take him out of the bathtub now. We would even constantly pour water on his head (while bathing) so that the water runs down his face (and eyes and nose and mouth) - but it doesn't bother him in the least!
As you can see from the second picture above, Isaac is very relaxed in the water and can lie back on the water and 'float' on his own with some support from me.
Even when I take him out of his float, and let him move about the water like in these pix, he is fine. We hope this means that he would learn to swim easily.
When in his float, Isaac comfortably leans forwards so that he can touch the water. And he simply uses his hands to 'beat' the water. Just like he does when he's bathing! :)
Though we did notice, that he isn't "as happy" as when he is bathing. So we figured that he probably was a little scared, but still took the water fine.
We figured it must have been that during my pregnancy, I swam at least 3 times a week - that's why Isaac likes the water so much! :)

Here's our Isaac boy in his swimsuit! Dashing, ain't he?! :)
all pictures above taken on 23rd March 2008
Isaac @ 7 and a half months

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Cheeky Isaac - who BITES!

This is my cheeky Isaac. The day before these pictures were taken, Isaac saw a dog that kept wagging his tongue at him. So he was into the tongue sticking out routine this morning. Really looked like a dog, I must say.
I spent the whole morning swearing that I will not let Isaac look at dogs for too long a period at a time ;p Hmmm... then again, maybe he learnt this sticking out tongue thingy from somebody... dunno which 'auntie' or 'uncle', 'cheh cheh' or 'kor kor' out there... *squintily*eyeing*all*you*readers* Quick! Own up!!! :p

Oh yes, and guess what? My Isaac bites!!! urrghhh!!! he bites me n*pples when he drinks!!! urghhhh!!! or rather, he bites when he's had enough milk and he just bites for the fun of it.
Then again, sometimes when he still wanna drink, but is in a playful mood, he also bites. hummphh!!! ANGRY MUMMY!!!
So, now, when feeding Isaac, hubbs would often hear me go:" Stop it, Isaac. I said, STOP IT. Don't be naughty! If you don't wanna drink - just stop! You don't have to bite Mummy. I SAID STOP IT. NOW! ISAAAAAC!!!!"
Then I pry him away from me, and he looks up and grins at me. GRINS at me, he does. BASKET. "Isaac!!! This is no laughing matter you know?! Mummy pain pain! PAIN PAIN!!!"
Like he gives a damn that Mummy pain pain. *roll*eyes* He happily clamps down on me again, chewing on me like I'd a piece of Wrigley's chewing gum. "Isaac!!! If you're gonna bite Mummy, Mummy won't feed you already. Don't let you drink! HUMMPHH!"
Then I pull him away from my breast. And proceed to wear my bra and pull down my tee. So that he has NO ACCESS. kekeke. Then he starts wailing... kekeke... I'd let him wail for awhile. Scolding him while he was crying. "Who call you to bite Mummy?! Tell me! Who ask you to bite Mummy?! " After more crying while gleeful Mummy laughs at him "So how?! Wanna drink milk or not??? Wanna drink issit?! Wanna drink then you DON"T BITE MUMMY, you silly boy!"
kekeke... then after he cries enough, and looks apologetic and hungry enough... I let him drink again. Sighz. That Mummy-Moo-Moo-Cow for you. Can't resist this little boy of mine. Look at him. My Dad says Isaac's killer smile is gonna land him with loads of girlfriends next time. *shudder* I think I shall want to interview them. hmmm... ;p
all pictures above taken on 23rd March 2008
Isaac @ 7 and a half months

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Isaac @ 7.5 mths with E.T.

These pictures were taken long overdue... 6th March 2008 was when Isaac turned 7 mths, but it came and gone for almost two weeks before we realised we forgot to take pix with E.T. ... so by the time we remembered, it was 22nd March 2008 already! hiaz!

Beginning to look like a big boy, isn't he? :)
And here's Isaac pushing E.T. down! He always dose that! ;ppictures above taken on 22nd March 2008
Isaac @ 7 and a half months

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Isaac on all fours

This is Isaac on all fours. He didn't really do the leopard crawl much and quickly graduated to being on all fours when he was 7 plus months.
As of right now in mid April - Isaac at 8 months plus, he is very quick at crawling, and he has learnt how to get into a sitting position on his own from a crawling position. He has also learnt to sit down slowly on his own without falling backwards - from a standing position that he has pulled himself up by supporting on furniture etc. Which is good - coz then we don't have to watch him so much!Isaac having fun with his cheh chehs Becca and Isabelle :)

all pictures above taken on 21st March 2008
Rebecca @ 4 years plus; Isabelle @ 2 years plus; Isaac @ 7 and a half months

Friday, 11 April 2008

Birthday parties: Kayenn's 1st birthday

Little Kayenn had his 1st birthday party on 15th March 2008! And it was Isaac's first time attending a birthday party! :)
pictures above taken on 15th March 2008
Left to Right: Isabelle @ 8 months; Isaac @ 7 months;
Ray @ 8 months; Kayenn @ 1 year

This is the start of a new phase of social life for us, I suppose - attending birthday parties! :) A lot of our friends have and are having kids now, so it's pretty fun to meet up at such gatherings to chit chat and trade tips for dealing with our kids. (Sighz, imagine the kids meeting up at such gatherings, 10 years down the road, to trade tips on how to handle their parents *shudder*).


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