Friday, 25 April 2008

Baptism of Isaac & Natalie

Isaac finally got baptised at the ripe old age of 8 months old - on 6th April 2008.

Well, the reason why we waited so long was coz, initially, we wanted to wait for Natalie to be born, so they can get baptised together. Natalie was born 3 months after Isaac. But after that, my sister (Natalie's mummy) had confinement, then it was Christmas, then CNY, then we were all busy. and only in April did we finally settle down to get the kids baptised.
Here's us and Isaac with Isaac's Godma Pamela & Godpa-to-be Kok Pin :) We can't wait for Isaac's God-sibling to arrive! Yay! Another baby! kekeke...
The Boy Who Laughs was certainly not laughing much during his baptism - he was King Cranky throughout! Sighz! Father John-Paul says he can join the choir! :p See how tall Father JP is! He makes hubbs look short, and makes me look so petite! nice! kekeke...
And here's my sister and her three princesses - Rebecca, Isabelle & Natalie - whom I'm carrying! and guess what?! Hubbs and I are Natalie's Godparents! :) We've found that it's not been easy finding close friends who are Catholics to be our kids' Godparents. And in good catholic tradition (well, as far as I know!), when we are left with no more close friends who are catholic to call upon to be godparents - we ask relatives to be.
Well, lucky us - I've found us the perfect Godma for our next kid! No... still not pregnant ... yet... though Godma #2 is bugging me to start creating her Godkid already... she wants a girl... kekeke... so does hubbs... well, so do I. But, we'd see what God blesses us next with - his choice! :) Natalie my Goddaughter! :) We've a daughter already! hehehe... pictures above taken on 6th April 2008
Isaac @ 8 months; Natalie @ 5 months


  1. Congratulations! Natalie has grown so much and she really looks like your sister.

    Anytime you are looking for a non-Catholic to play godfather, I am there. No, not the mob godfather, but hopefully, I will be just as rich with presents, if not love.

  2. hahaha thanks! but, you know as well as we do, that you don't have to have any special title to be able to shower love on someone! :) already, I think you're a great uncle to isaac for bothering to come in here often to read up on him! :D


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