Monday, 7 April 2008

Cousins Danielle & Gabriel

This is Isaac playing with his cousins Gabriel & his sister Danielle. They're hubbs' cousin's kids. Hubbs too, has many cousins and he played with them since young too. Gabriel's parents actually got married just 4 months before we did. But as you can see, they efficiently popped out Gabriel (now about 2 years old) and Danielle (about 1 year old) in quick succession.
Hehehhe... No, Gabriel's not pinching Isaac nor slapping, nor anything violent like that. In fact, Gabriel was trying to make Isaac look at the camera. He was like going:"Isaac, look at the camera." *gently pushing Isaac's face* "Isaac, quick, look at the camera!" *pushing Isaac's face with more force now, coz Isaac is refusing to turn and look at the camera* "Isaac! Look at your mummy and the camera!!!" *By now, Gabriel starts to pull Isaac's ear - out of desperation!" hahahhahaa...
all pictures above taken on 13th March 2008
Gabriel @ 2 yrs plus, Danielle @ 1 yrs plus, Isaac at 7 mths

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