Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Good Papa

Here's the good papa changing Isaac's diaper, wearing back his long pants for him.
I can't recall if I've mentioned it before - that hubbs' is quite good with taking care of Isaac. He's very involved and does almost everything he cans. He changes diapers, he bathes Isaac, he bottle feeds Isaac - in fact, the only thing he can't do, is to breast feed him! kekeke...
I have attempted to get Isaac to suckle hubbs - but he wasn't interested. Think dun have the smell (of milk) to antice him, plus hubbs nipple is like totally FLAT - so a bit hard for Isaac to latch on lah. So, lucky hubbs, doesn't have to endure the sore and bleeding nipples stage that I went through when I first started breastfeeding.
Oh and lucky hubbs doesn't need to wake up in the middle of the night to be a milk bar to Isaac. hummphh. I don't think I have slept straight, uninterrupted, for more than 3 hours since I have given birth to Isaac. Sighz. Just last night, our dear Isaac woke up at every hour!!! *groan* If he goes on like that, I sure peng san, I tell you.
above pictures taken on 5th April 2008
Isaac @ one day to 8 months

Ah well, as Confucius says: the price of motherhood, never comes cheap. (not sure when he said that ;p think he was confused. hahahhahaa... sorry brain's mushed already. all coz of the little boy that wouldn't sleeeeep!!!! urrghhh!!! ;p)


  1. Can't Matthew feed Isaac with the bottles of breast milk that you store?

    You should give the experts (your mum, my mum, any auntie) a call to find out how to make Isaac sleep through the night without asking for milk that often. ;-)

  2. Thumbs up for Isaac's superdad! Mine only knows how to play! ;P

  3. jamez,

    Yes, yes, like I mentioned, Matthew can bottle-feed Isaac, as in, he can use the bottle to feed Isaac (whether it is breast milk, formula milk, or water) :)

    I know what the experts would say lah. Can memorise already. :)


    yeah! two thumbs up for Isaac's SuperPapa! :)


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