Saturday, 5 April 2008

High chairs, baby chairs rocking chair!

Since about a month ago (sighz... am I ever gonna catch up with posting?!?! "Not when you've so much to say" says hubbs! ;p) Anywayz, as I was saying, since about a month ago, Isaac could sit in restaurant high chairs! He couldn't sit up right on his own yet balancing on his own, but in a chair meant for babies, he was alright, coz it would kinda give him the support he needs. The two pictures here show him in a baby chair - it was his first time! Quite an interesting seat, I thought - coz it's like attached to the table. both pictures above taken on 9th March 2008
Isaac @ 7 months

Here's Isaac in a little rocking chair. Cute chair huh! Then again, actually it doesn't look like a cute little rocking chair - it looks like a full sized rocking chair - making Isaac look huge!!! hahaha... Check out the vid below, Isaac was like rocking himself in the chair, but he knew that he couldn't rock too hard coz he'd fall off! I was quite amused/surprised that he kinda instinctively knew how to hang on when he was rocking himself so that he wouldn't fall off.

above picture and video taken on 13th March 2008
Isaac @ 7 months

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