Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Isaac & Chan Hay

Isaac & friends: Chan Hay

This is Isaac with his friend kor kor Chan Hay. Hay is approximately one and a half years older than Isaac.
Hay's parents are hubbs' friends from Raleigh, and we four are all in HappyFriendClub too :) Hay's parents are the first couple from HFC who got married, and we're the second couple who did! (Speaking of which, another HFC couple is pregnant too, and yet another HFC couple is getting married this year! Talk about a good hit rate! kekeke!!!)
pictures above taken on 14th March 2008 Hay @ 2 years; Isaac @ 7 months

Below are pictures taken in late January 2008, the first time that Isaac got to meet Hay, after Hay and his family came back from his papa's posting to Denmark. We missed them very much, coz Hay's papa was hubbs' similar minded ah pek friend, drink beer (at home) together, and listen to old music together, and go for concerts together.
But thanks to blogging, we could sorta keep in touch and updated with each other through our blogs. Go see more adventures of Hay at Hay's blog!

Here're the two kids interacting with one another. I wouldn't say 'playing' coz think they haven't got to that stage yet. As with cousins, we're happy to have many friends having kids of the same age and play together and growing up together. We think kids are so lucky nowadays - they've so many friends even before they were born!
Hahaha the picture above looks as though Hay is trying to elbow Isaac (who looks very happy!) hahaha... but no, Hay doesn't belong to the violent kor kor strain (at least not yet). Isabelle's the violent one. hahahaha...
Oh yah, Hay's expecting a brother sometime this month :) We're eagerly anticipating the birth of his brother. We wonder if he'd pop out as quickly as Hay did 2 years ago.
Here's a video of hubbs playing with Hay! :)

Oh yeah! Hay's just turn 2 years old in late March - HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY HAY!!! :)all above pictures and video taken on 26th January 2008
Isaac @ 5.5 months; Hay @ 22 months

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