Sunday, 20 April 2008

Isaac standing with help

As early as March 2008 - when Isaac was about 7 months old, he could pull himself to a standing position. Here're some pix of him standing in the cot.
It's kinda like his favourite position there, coz when he stands like that, he's looking straight at the computer screen. Hehehe... yes, I put him there to buy myself some minutes on the net, or to upload photos onto this blog...
Here he is grinning away. Wait till he gets impatient, then he'd start to whine and groan and make all sorts of noises to make us carry him. Sometimes, all he wants is to sit on our laps while we surf the net :) yes yes... starting young huh!
pictures above taken on 21st March 2008
Isaac @ 7 and a half months

video taken on 17th March 2008
Isaac @ 7 mths & 11 days

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  1. He looks more and more like you as he grows up. It's great that you are blogging all these because it will be so nice for him to know all that happened.


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