Friday, 4 April 2008

More pictures of Isaac and cousins!

More pictures of the kids coming up! :) I thought they were all nice, so I posted them all!!! kekeke... Oh in case you're wondering where Isabelle is... These pictures were taken one evening when we went back to my mum's place for dinner, and my sister and bro-in-law had gone out. Becca was napping, but Isabelle was awake when they went out so she tagged along.
Here's our sweet Becca. She's been a good cheh cheh, she'd try to protect the younger ones and try to get them toys coz Isabelle's very jealous of the two younger ones and would sometimes beat them, or snatch away whatever toys they're holding. The Becca would go:"Mei mei! You should let Isaac play with your toys! Must share!" hahaha... The way she talks is quite adult sometimes - we all hear ourselves in the way she talks! That's kids for you! They pick up and absorb everything! all pictures taken on 8th March 2008
Natalie @ 4 mths; Isaac @ 7 mths; Rebecca @ 4 yrs 4 mths

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  1. Kids their age love that peace sign don't they. I don't know where Joy learns it from, but I won't be surprised if it is from TV or High School Musical, which is her latest craze, the last time I was there.

    It's so nice that Becca would take charge like an older sister and how Isaac is like a chick-magnet with all the young girls (Natalie and Chloe) climbing all over him. LOL!


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