Thursday, 8 May 2008

Isaac bathing vid

video taken on 13th April 2008
Isaac @ 8 mths plus

Isaac bathing video! kekeke... he loves playing with water... :)

Update: It is a fracture! But specialist doctor says the bone is in place, so not so bad. Just need to cast it in order to let it heal properly. Officially, I'm on MC till 23rd May, but I intend to go into office at least a few times a week, if not full time.

I'm still taking care of Isaac at night, and breastfeeding him. We tried leaving him at hubbs' parents' place on Monday night but Isaac cried and cried and refused to sleep. My father in law called hubbs at 12mn to tell us that Isaac was crying non-stop - so in the end we drove down at like 12plus at night, and slept over at my in laws. So now we've gone back to bringing Isaac home every night

It's been tough on hubbs. He has to take care of me now, and he has to handle most things for Isaac now, when we're at home. Thank heavens that hubb has always been very hands on and has no problem doing all this stuff. Just makes him busier, that's all.

Ah well... we hope I get well faster, coz this is causing us a lot of inconvenience!!! sighz! I'd rather this had happened when I was younger, and not a mother yet... And while hubbs was bathing and dressing me, he also said:"This is why it's important to stay healthy in old age." Sighz... how true...


  1. Sorry to hear about the fracture. Here's wishing you a speedy recovery and remember to take things easily. The more you want to rush things, the worst things will turn out. Let nature takes its course and keep calm. Take Care!


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