Tuesday, 13 May 2008

pam's arm update

Hi guys! no pictures with this post coz I had't uploaded any pix this past weekend coz my home pc's like konked out on us - sadness. Ah well, the PC Doctor's coming on tomorrow to take a look at it.

hehehe thanks for all the messages and smses asking after my broken arm. It's doing really well. I've this fibreglass cast that covers from my right palm, wrist, elbow up till like 7 cm below my arm pit. It's really hard so that's cool. Coz I can like swing my arm into the door frame and not hurt myself!

Plus I can still carry Isaac with my left arm, so, I was telling hubbs that I still can defend my baby if anyone wants to take him from me coz I can swing my fibreglass arm into the bugger and knock the living daylights outta him! HAHAHA. yes, I'm the new Marvel hero - Fibreglass Arm Girl! (FAG?!?! geez, let's try again!) ermmm... I'm the Wonder Arm Mummy! WAM! Offend me, and I'd WAM you!!! kekeke...

Well, think I mentioned that hubbs now has to bathe me *giggle* very ticklish *giggle* amongst other stuff, hooking my bra and like tieing my hair. But I try to do a lot of things on my own ok... With my trusty left arm & hand, I can
  • wear and take off my top (provided it's not too tight)
  • wear and take off my bottom
  • go toilet and do everything necessary all on my own (hubbs heaves BIG SIGH of relieve)
  • brush my teeth
  • wash my face
  • eat with fork/spoon - am training on the chopsticks skill
  • pretty efficient at typing and using the mousepad
  • carry Isaac
  • steer the stroller in any direction required
  • very efficient in smsing
Not too bad, yah?!?!?! hehehe...

I'm also trying to exercise and train my right hand to be stronger. On the day I fell, last Sunday 4th May, I could hardly move my right hand fingers, coz of the pain and that my arm was very weak. So everyday I move my fingers, open, close, open, close, open, close... Doctor says must exercise, if not it'd become very stiff.

There's been a lot of improvement since. Now, my arm doesn't hurt when I move my fingers. And everyday, in addition to exercising, I let my right hand carry something. As of yesterday, I could support the weight of two handphones, without straining at all. Also, yesterday, I managed to type out a few words on the phone too!

hehehe... See! I'm doing aye okay! So don't need to worry too much about me :p (though I'm basking in all the attention HAHAHA) oh! and this past weekend I got hubbs to take pix of me breastfeeding Isaac in my WAM condition. hahaha... so... pix coming up! ;p stay tuned! :)


  1. You're crazy! And I love it! hahaha! great post as usual pam. I was lol all the way. :D WAM! hahahahahahaha! Well, fiberglass or not, do take care ya? *mega hug*

  2. hahahaha thanks! *mega*giga*hug* hehehehe you flatter me... "great posts" are not "as usual" as I'd like them to be, unfortunately. But I'd try my best! HAHAHA... we should start a crazy mums group! you're crazy too! hahahaha...:p


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