Thursday, 22 May 2008

Isaac and his nonsense

picture taken on 13th April 2008 Isaac @ 8 mths & a week

This is Isaac giving me an intent look before proceeding to pull the tissue paper out of the box, piece by piece... urrgghhh... he thinks it's fun. sighz.

Our little one is starting to show his character.True colours, I hear some of you sniggering. Yes, yes, the whole works. And he appears to have a fiery temper, with a generous bout of bullish stubborness.

All of which hubbs proudly proclaim - Isaac inherited from me.


But Isaac's also very - wait, SUPER active, and we can see the makings of a very mischievious one... which... all obviously he got from hubbs, right? (Must share the blame mah... ;p).

It's our worst fears come true! What if Isaac inherits the worst of hubbs and I?! (We couldn't really decide which was worst - a son that inherits my temper, or a daughter that inherits it. Hubbs says daughter more jialat. I tend to agree. But then see Isaac now like that... sighz...)

We can only pray that the rest of Isaac would inherit the better of the genes between the both of us. Erm... like... hope and pray that...
  1. he can study well like me (well, not that I'm like a scholar or anything, but better like me at least than like hubbs' right!? better of two worsts you know ;p) ...
  2. his aptitude for the Chinese language is like hubbs
  3. his aptitude for the English language is like me
  4. forgiving nature - like hubbs
  5. meticulous - like me
  6. physicals like hubbs - the bottomless pit - can eat and eat and eat and never get fat. plus very fit, agile, sporty...
  7. articulate - like me! :) nuff said.
Well, our biggest consolation is that Isaac's very smiley! :) He got that from us both! hehehe... thus, in similar fashion, we pray that he'd
  1. be friendly & likable and have tonnes of friends, like us
  2. have good EQ and good "ren2 yuan2", like us
  3. that he'd enjoy reading, like us
  4. that he'd enjoy sports & the outdoors, like us
  5. in general, be a nice person, like us
  6. oh and he must be a kind boy, that's important. Like us. *beams*
But, of course, no matter how Isaac, and the rest of our kids turn out, we'd still love them unconditionally. We can only hope, pray, and do our best to nurture them in the way we want them to be. And we're lucky to have one another to try to prevent the kids from picking up the 'wrong stuff' from the other parent.

As for Isaac's temper and stubborness (aka ti-ki-ness)... well, in mitigation, I have this to say - at least now I'm not so bad, right!? mellowed down tremendously already! So... Isaac temper will get better in time! :) ... er... We'd just have to tahan the next 25 years at least, that's all! ;p

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