Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Isaac is 9 months old today!!!

Isaac is 9 months old today!!! These few pictures are not his usual smiley ones though. I decided we shall have some non-smiley pix for once - so next time Isaac knows that he'd given us some trying times too. hehehe...

even the 1st and 3rd pix are not his usual smile... and this 2nd one has him, just not smiling!
this here below is isaac rubbing his eyes when he's sleepy. it kinda reminds me of how I used to rub my eyes when I was young. When Isaac's sleepy or frustrated, he rubs his ears too. haha now, I dun think I did that when I was young...
sleepy and frustrated Isaac look... kekeke...
all above pictures taken on 13th April 2008
Isaac @ 8 months plus

Got some current news for you guys... guess what??? I just fell down on Sunday, at the park. Broke my fall with a straight arm, and something in my elbow went creeaaak. So after 5 hours at AH's A&E - I now have my arm in a cast. X-ray didn't show any dislocation nor any obvious fracture, but can see that's somethings not right. So anyway, I've to see a specialist to see what's really the matter... will update you! :)

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