Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Isaac in classic ah pek singlet!

Here's my Isaac in the classic hole-ridden ah pek singlet. Cute hor. hahahahaha... Every child should have this ah pek singlets as part of their wardrobe growing up... it's essential!!! :)

Isaac looks very macho in the singlet, doesn't he? His arms look 'muscular' like, and coupled with his BOY face and his crew cut hairdo - oooohh sooo macho boy look! *swooooon* hahahhahaaa...
These shots were actually taken in NTUC, whilst we were getting milk (for me calcium-less bones!) - and Isaac wasn't even bothered by the cold. He now takes the cold pretty well, and sweats easily than before. When he was younger, we had to dress him in double layers all the time as he seemed to be bothered by the cold, and could take the heat very well. He hardly broke a sweat even while wearing two layers.
pictures above all taken on 20th April 2008
Isaac @ 8 months plus

Well, as they say, the only constant in life, is change! Especially for babies!!! :D

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  1. Yes, it is essential clothing. He looks very adorable!


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