Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Isaac & Natalie

Isaac & Natalie - born 3 months apart. Cousins and god-siblings :) I really hope they get along well. Hope Isaac takes care of Natalie well as they grow up. We were also hoping that Isaac can get used to having a 'sibling' since young, so that he won't get jealous streaks when we have our next kids.

Seems like that's gonna be quite tough though. Even now, when I carry Natalie, Isaac will quickly crawl over and want me to carry him. But at least, so long as I carry him too, he seems alright with Natalie in my other arm (yes, see, now I can carry babies with my right arm again! :p)

Just the other day though, he was beside Natalie playing with that toy in the picture, I saw him grab Natalie's hair! not once, twice, but three times! I sternly pried his hands away from Natalie's hair each time, and sternly scolded him each time he did that. However, Natalie thought I was scolding her, and stared at me wide-eyed the whole time. By the time I scolded Isaac for the third time - Natalie burst into tears! and she kept bursting into tears whenever she sees me looking at her for the entire night after that! hahaha I thought it was hilarious, but was kinda alarmed by it too. hahaha...

But so far, Isaac & Natalie have been getting along alright... only sometimes, Isaac will snatch toys away from Natalie, but not as rough as when Isabelle snatchs from him... sighz... we suspect it's a case of "Do unto Natalie, what Isabelle does onto me!" hahahaha... SIGHZ...
above pictures taken on 22nd April 2008
Isaac @ 8 months plus Natalie @ 5 months plus

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  1. Natalie is so cute. I can totally imagine how cute it would be watching her eyes well up in confusion. ;-)


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