Friday, 27 June 2008

Mirror mirror on the wall

Those of you who've been to our place would know that our place is full of mirrors - which is great for babies coz they love looking in mirrors! (We'd a friend's kid who actually kissed himself in the mirror when he was here!)
This is the mirror in our master bedroom, it's on the wall at the 'head' of our beds. Look at Isaac dancing with his image. Hahaha... a few times he tried to kiss his image too, but I usually stop him from doing that - mirror dusty! hahaha...
These pictures were taken on 1st May 2008 - when Isaac is close to 9 months old. At that time, he could pull himself to a stand, like in the pictures. And sometimes, he even stands without support!
Isaac's been growing taller very quickly too. Day by day, we realise he can reach things that he never used to be able to before. Plus he's getting to be a very good climber, he can climb almost everything! Even when there isn't a step for him to use as a foothold, he'd smear (rockclimbing lingo for when the climber simply uses his shoe/foot's friction against the surface to gain a quick leverage to enable him to ascend). Needless to say, hubbs is ecstatic about it, and eagerly analyses his son's climbing moves a la "Did you see that?! He just traversed across the couch like that!?" :p
pictures above taken on 1st May 2008
Isaac @ five days to 9 months

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  1. Young Spidey in making !! Congratulation Spidey Tans !!


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