Friday, 13 June 2008

Jarrod & Zachary :)

Long overdue pix of my two nephews Jarrod and Zachary, when they were back in Singapore for awhile back in April.The boys have grown so much since we last saw them, before they left for Australia. That's Jarrod above, he's 5 years old this year. And here, below, is Zachary, he's 3 this year.
Here below are my cousins Yew Hui & Yew Ling - we're all partners in crime in loving the boys to bits.

We managed to get some nice shots with the boys :) happy happy...

Human totem! :D
Andrea and the boys :) pity we didn't get a picture with Joel in them. Hmmm... *mental*note*

pictures taken in April 2008
Jarrod @ a few months to 5 years old
Zachary @ 3 years and a bit

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