Saturday, 7 June 2008

yes, I'm busy... and lazy... hahahaha

yes I know, I've been horrible with posting lately. yes, I've been very caught up with work and all, office has been very 'happening' lately. And once home, usually occupied with Isaac and when I get him to sleep, I'm usually so tired that I fall asleep with him. Doesn't help that my home PC's still kooky - that's why am now like two months behind in photos. Oh but I can now type with my right hand again!

ok arm update! :) I've been castless since the 23rd May 2008 - our 3rd wedding anniversary haha. hubbs has been joking that him having to bathe me while I was in cast is his birthday cum wedding anniversary present to me. hahaha. It was fun while it lasted, but am very relieved to be castfree now, coz then I can bathe myself at my own convenience! We used to like have to place Isaac with our neighbours just so we could both go bathe. But Isaac'd cry his head off if he doesn't have us around, so that was kinda tough.

When I went for my check-up on the 23rd, had my cast removed, then arm x-rayed. Doc says that the bone hasn't joined back yet, but she say no need to put on cast again - she wanted me to be castfree, so that I can exercise my arm - so that it won't be so stiff. Boy was I glad - I can bathe myself again! Albeit with one arm! But at least I didn't have to worry about getting the cast wet. Plus it was getting real itchy underneath the cast eeeuuuwwwww....

So... my arm's been getting better... with every day that passes, I am able to bend it a bit more, and straighten it a bit more. Widening the movable angle everyday. When I first had the cast removed, I couldn't even touch my face. But as of yesterday, I realised that I can just manage to get my thumb to my nose!! kekeke... can make faces at people already hahahaha... but coz I can't reach my face, I'm still feeding myself with my left hand. Which is a good thing that I'm now proficient even with chopsticks with my left hand!

Still can't tie my own hair though... coz my hand can't reach my head yet... so I cut off my hair! hahahaha... had a haircut last Saturday - now my hair's ony just above my shoulders! Kinda like how my hair was in JC time. But then, it was kinda a disaster coz the hairdresser kinda thinned/layered it too much so now my hairs sticking out in places. Ah well, actually dun think it's the hairdresser's fault. My hair's just too unruly!!! hahahhaa...

Well, enough about me. Let's talk about Isaac. He's crawling very fast now, and his climbing skills are very good - making his Papa very proud of him. hahaha... Once, he was sleeping in the bedroom and we quickly slipped into the bathroom, leaving the toilet door ajar so that we could hear Isaac if he cried. But as we were bathing halfway - Isaac crawled to the bathroom and pushed opened the door! hahaha... And just two mornings ago, I was bathing in the toilet, and hubbs was sleeping, Isaac just woke up (didn't cry), and crawled to the toilet to look for me! Hilarious!

He's also starting to stand on his own, and he's 'cruising' aleady - walking with support - like furniture etc. Oh and he knows how to argue and fight already. If we scold him, he knows we're scolding him, and starts to argue back in his gibberish. Full of excuses, this boy, yak yak yak, yak yak yak. If we continue to scold him and point our finger at him - he'd grab our finger to bite. sighz... hubbs says it's retribution for me.

oh and he and Isabelle have been fighting. Over toys and stuff lor, what else. Think I mentioned before, that Isabelle tends to snatch toys away from Isaac. Whatever he is holding or playing - she'd want it too. And quick as lightning - she'd grab it from him and run away. So now, he goes on alert whenever he sees Isabelle nearby. It's hilarious! You can see it in his eyes and body language - his eyes flash and glare at Isabelle, and his arms and body position themselves to guard the toys he's playing with at the moment. And when Isabelle comes to grab his toy - he'd hang on to it for dear life! and there'd be a mini tug-of-war between them! And I must give Isaac credit for even though he's about 2 years younger than Isabelle - he's almost as strong as she is, and puts up a good fight guarding his hoard! hahahhaa...

well that's my boy for you. He's a fighter :) good spirit!

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  1. Have to be careful not to leave buckets full of water in the toilet since he is venturing that way now.

    He sounds so adorable and also growing up so quickly. I thought your sister had already left for the States, so I was surprised to read the Isabelle comment.

    Lastly, glad to know you're on your way to recovery. Take Care!


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