Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Where's the ball, Isaac?

Have a look at this vid! This is one of Isaac's favourite games - he would throw out a ball, and we would say "biong! biong! biong...!" and he would cackle with laughter. Then we would pick up the ball, throw it against the wall behind the cot so that it would bounce and hit Isaac. We would ask him "Where is the ball?" and he would start to look for the ball in the cot, and ... throw it out again! :) and again... and again... !!!

video taken on 23 May 2008
Isaac @ 9 and a half months
Our 3 years wedding anniversary! :)

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Happy Isaac

My happy Isaac! :) He who laughs, cannot "perform" in front of crowds though. Isaac's one that's always so happy and smiley unless he is tired and cranky or, lately, when he doesn't get what he wants. So all in all, Isaac's this smiley/laughey/happey like 80% of the time.
But he does seem to have a problem being like that in front of crowds. The first time, was his baptism. Goodness, he was Cranky King that day. Was all pek-cheky, man-zhangy, grouchy like mad. Until the ceremony ended, then he was ok. *roll*eyes* sighz.
Then on Saturday, we had a family gathering at my parents place to celebrate Isaac's impending 1 year birthday - he was only like 30% smiley. Sighz. not on top form at all. That is, till most of the guests left. sighz. hahahaha... but I guess most kids are like that. Becca and Isabelle were always very solemn when we had family gatherings. They would not be cheery and cheeky like they
pictures above taken on 1st June 2008
Isaac @ five days to 10 months

But then again, on "big days" like that, his normal schedule is often out of whack, so we can't get him to nap properly etc, so I guess, it's kinda understandable that he gets cranky and all. Guess we're lucky we have this blog to show proof of happy Isaac! hahaha...

Oh, but when we go out with friends, to friends' house, relatively small groups, Isaac's usually fine. And he'd be super active and smiley as usual. The question we get most often when people see him like that is:"Is he ALWAYS like that?!" hahahhahahahahaha...

YES he is!!! :)

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Isaac and Charlene

Isaac & friends: Charlene

This is Charlene, hubbs' colleague's daughter. She's the most precocious little girl we've ever met, and adorably so! Charlene and her parents stay near our place, so we often meet for breakfast or dinner on weekends. Here's Charlene and Isaac, during one of our breakfasts. You know how we always put the kids together, ask them to "play together! play together!" and then we see how they react to one another? This was one of those:" Come Charlene, hold Isaac's hand, take photo."
Well, Isaac started protesting the minute Charlene tried to pull his hand towards her.Erm... VIOLENTLY protesting...
Charlene must be thinking:" Hummph. Don't want?! Fine. "
Isaac:"Mummy! How?! Charlene angry already! You think giving her this pink box would help?"

Here's Isaac trying to make amends...

all above pictures and video taken on 17th May 2008
Isaac @ 9 months plus
Charlene @ two months to 3 years old

We just had our free-dinner-vouchers redeemed at Charlene & Lucas Cafe on Sunday night. Yummy aglio olio with pork+potato+carrot+celery soup and topped off with Ben & Jerry's Butter Pecan and Chubby Hubby! *slurp* We all had a great time there. Isaac had a playground slide thingy on which he had a great time climbing up and sliding down again, I had a great chat with Charlene's Mummy, and hubbs had a good time playing with Charlene - I heard they went fishing even! :) Oh, and who's Lucas? In about a month or so, he'd be ready to come out! yay! More playmates for Isaac!

Oh wait, I have to tell you this thing that happened with Charlene. We had just arrived, and dinner was having its finishing touches done to it, and hubbs was feeding Isaac his porridge. Charlene was showing me the birthday presents she had just received over the weekend, and she asked me if I could go with her to her room to play. I said ok, and went with her. I sat on her bed as she showed me how she could do a flip on her bed, then she showed me her toys, and her learning computer thingy etc chatting to me about the stuff as she showed me... then suddenly she turned to me and said:"I've to go. Can you stay here alone by yourself?" I was stunned! Then I quick got up from the bed, and said:"No, no, it's okay, I'd follow you to the living room." She shrugged and said:" Okay." Then without waiting for me, she just walked to the living room!!! hahahaha... That's a little Charlene nugget for you :)

Monday, 21 July 2008

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty is a big doll.
Humpty Dumpty climbed up the wall.
All the kings horses and all the kings men,
Say that Humpty's being naughty again.

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall.
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the kings horses and all the kings men,
Couldn't put Humpty together again.

Humpty is a silly big doll.
Humpty shouldn't have climbed up the wall.
All the kings horses and all the kings men,
Say you should never ever climb walls again.

Friday, 18 July 2008

Butt in the air

picture above taken on 18th May 2008
Isaac @ 9 months plus

That's how Isaac likes to sleep - butt in the air. By far his favourite pose. This morning, he was in this position again, so I tried it too. Positioned myself in the same way, butt in the air. Hmmmm... taxes the thigh muscles... maybe that's why Isaac's legs are so strong!!! He packs a power kick I tell you! Many have suffered dearly! ;p

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Incy Wincy Spider

Incy Wincy Spider climbed up the water spout
Down came the rain and washed poor Incy out
Out came the sun that dried out all the rain, so
Incy Wincy Spider climbed up the spout again

Incy Wincy Spider climbed up the water spout
Down came a bird that drove poor Incy out
Then came the cat that chased away the bird, so
Incy Wincy Spider climbed up the spout again

Incy Wincy Spider came out to climb about
Then came Isaac, saw Incy, gave a shout
Out came Mummy, who stepped on little Incy, so
Poor Incy Wincy Spider never climbed again.


Well, I've been reading these nursery rhymes to Isaac, you see. And well... I got kinda bored. So I started extending the nursery rhymes... hahhaha... got more coming up...

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

We're family!

Here is Isabelle, trying to pose for a picture with Isaac, trying to pull him close. While Isaac, not usually accustomed to friendly behaviour from this particular cheh cheh, is not sure what this cheh cheh is trying to do, and is hence pushing her away.
pictures above taken on 11th May 2008
Isaac @ 9 months plus;
Isabelle @ almost 3 years old

Hahaha... I guess that kinda sums up their relationship right now - Isabelle loves Isaac, yet, inevitably, she is sometimes jealous and feels threatened by him. And over time, Isaac has learnt that he has to be on his guard when this cheh cheh is around, coz he could be shoved over, crushed upon, shouted at, or have his things snatched away from him, at any moment at all.

We've all been trying to teach Isabelle that she should love Isaac as, being cousins, he's almost as good as bring her little brother. In other words, we were trying to teach her the meaning of FAMILY.

I've been trying for some time to do this, by trying to point out to Isabelle and Becca, that their Mama is actually my sister. And their Popo, who is their Mama's mama, is also my mama. Hahaha... yeah, am not very clear, am I? Understandably confusing for the little ones.

So, imagine my surprise last night, when we went back to my parents' place for dinner, and Isabelle started the following conversation with me (known to Isabelle and Becca as "Ee-ee" - auntie): -

Isabelle: "Ee-ee, who is Isaac's mama?"
Me: "Who is Isaac's mama?"
Isabelle: "You!"
Me: "That's right!"

Isabelle: "Ee-ee, who is Isaac's papa?"
Me: "Who is Isaac's papa?"
Isabelle: "Tio Tio!" (Hubbs is Tio Tio - uncle - to Isb & Bec)
Me: "That's right!"

Isabelle: "Ee-ee, who is Isaac's Ee-ee?"
Me: "Who is Isaac's Ee-ee?"
Isabelle: "Mama!" (refering to her own mama, my sister)
Me: "That's right! Very good"

Isabelle: "Ee-ee, who is Isaac's Tio Tio?"
Me: "Who is Isaac's Tio Tio?"
Isabelle: "Papa!" (refering to her own papa, my bro-in-law)
Me: "That's right!"

And so she went on, and Becca joined in too...

Isb & Bec: "Ee-ee, who is Isaac's popo?" (Popo - grandmother)
Me: "Who is Isaac's popo?"
Isb & Bec: "Popo!"
Me: "That's right!"

Isb & Bec: "Ee-ee, who is Isaac's gong gong?" (Gong Gong - grandfather)
Me: "Who is Isaac's gong gong?"
Isb & Bec: "Gong Gong!"
Me: "That's right!"

And so they completed the entire adult population in our immediate family, and I was very impressed, coz I'd been trying to teach them this for weeks now, and I hadn't succeeded much... But apparently, they weren't done yet, and they went on...

Isb & Bec: "Ee-ee, who is Natalie's kor kor?" (kor kor - older brother)
Me: "Huh?" *stunned*
Isb & Bec: "Isaac!!!"
Me: "That's RIGHT!!! Very good!!!"

Isb & Bec: "Ee-ee, who is Isaac's mei mei?" (mei mei - younger sister)
Me: "Who?"
Isb & Bec: "Natalie!!!"
Me: "That's RIGHT!!! Very good!!!"

Isb & Bec: "Ee-ee, who are Isaac's cheh chehs?" (cheh cheh - older sister)
Me: "Who?"
Isb & Bec: "We are Isaac's cheh chehs!!!"
Me: "Yes, that's RIGHT!!! That's absolutely right!!! Very good!!!"

Wah I feel like crying already.

So the girls were so pleased that I was so pleased, that they repeated the above in random order, for a few times. I asked them who taught them so well, was it their Mama, and they said yes. But I could tell they really understood the relationships this time, and they weren't just regurgitating, nor learning by rote. They even knew that I was their Mama's mei mei, and their Mama was my cheh cheh. They really knew.

This is really a major step forward :) for Isabelle especially, so that she can come to accept Isaac as her family member.

And so the education process continues... Having kids is not just breastfeeding and changing diapers - in fact, those only last a short period of time... Education, is the major part... life long process in fact... Thus... we are only just beginning...

Monday, 14 July 2008

Breastfeeding with cast on

No, no, I'm off the cast already, long time ago. Yes, yes, yes, I am SO behind in my posts. So, these are the promised pix of me bf-ing Isaac while I had my cast on. Lying down (pic above) and sitting up (pix below)... Doesn't seemed to have bothered Isaac one bit.
Was a bit of a challenge managing to do this at first. But after awhile it was alright. You'd find that in the next coupla weeks, there won't be much pictures either, coz after I hurt my right arm, I didn't take many pix, coz it was difficult to steady the camera taking a pic with my left hand alone. Kinda regret not taking more pix of me in my cast carrying Isaac though :p
pictures above taken on 11th May 2008
Isaac @ 9 months plus

Okay! Arm update! Hmmm... well, for all intents and purposes (well, most, anyway) my arm is working. I can do almost everything I want to, though it'd be painful for the more 'difficult' tasks. I still can't straighten my elbow fully, nor bend it as completely as before. Thus, the more 'difficult' tasks are usually the ones that require me to do either of these actions.

For illustration, my right elbow can bend sufficiently for my fingers to touch my shoulder, but I can bend more to place my whole hand on my shoulder (which I just tested with my left hand - and it can).

Strength wise, it's definitely still weaker than before, but it's slowly but surely getting better. Now, when I drive, I can handle a left turn with my right arm alone - which I couldn't do when I first started driving again.

But it's still painful though, when I exert, so that's bothering me. But I suppose it's normal. I wish I would get better faster. Ah well. See, impatience again :p

*groan* It's Monday. sighz.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Tickle tickle!!!

Tickle tickle tickle!!! hahaha... as with all kids, Isaac loves it when we bury our face and 'blow bubbles' into his tummy... here's him giggling when we do it...
He also likes it when we do the "Round and round the garden, like a teddy bear. One step, two step, tickle you there!!!" where we trace circles with our fingers on his tummy, and tickle him at the armpits... and again! "Round and round the forrest, like a little deer. One step, two step, tickle you here!!!" :)
We just love to see him laugh! hahahhaa...
above pictures taken on 4th May 2008
Isaac @ two days to 9 months

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Isaac crawlingover Mummy

This is Isaac crawling over mummy dearest. Remember, this was taken more than 2 months ago - when he was only about 9 months old! sighz. You can imagine the speed at which he gets over me now.

Faster than a speeding bullet.
Zippier than lightning.
It's Isaac Boy!
Climbing over Mummy anytime of the day!
Many folds of fat for good hand & foot holds!

video above taken on 4th May 2008
Isaac @ two days to 9 months

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Isaac the crawling machine

This is Isaac the crawling machine. As mentioned before, he's very good at crawling. He's very quick. I've been trying to catch a good video of him crawling quickly, but with not much success.
He's also very good at managing heights. Here're two shots of him, couldn't even manage to catch him midway down - that shows you how fast he went down! ;p
above pictures taken on 4th May 2008
Isaac @ two days to 9 months

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Theodore & Isaac

Isaac & friends: Theodore

Theodore's my ex-colleague Hua Sing's son. They came over to our place one weekend afternoon so we could catch up and the boys could play together.
Not that they could really "play"together as yet, but it was fun watching them around each other. The funny thing was, Theodore, for some unknown reason, was really afraid of hubbs! hahaha... He'd cry and run to his mummy when hubbs comes too near to him. Maybe's it's hubbs' whiskers that scare him!?!? kekeke...
Theodore's slightly more than 10 months older than Isaac. So, that means that I got pregnant shortly after Theodore was born. I still remember the day hubbs and I went to Mt E to visit Theodore and his mummy :) Seems like such a long time ago!
Here's the proud daddy and his little boy :)
above pictures taken on 3rd May 2008
Isaac @ three days to 9 months;
Theodore @ five days to 19 months

Thursday, 3 July 2008


Ah... I knew I uploaded pictures of Isaac standing... here are the pix I manage to snap that caught him standing on his own without support for a few seconds.
He's pretty steady now with his crusing and climbing and crawling (3 Cs!) - we expect he'd probably start walking before he turns one.
pictures above taken on 3rd May 2008
Isaac @ three days to 9 months

Wednesday, 2 July 2008


Isaac has teeth already!!! His first teeth (bottom two) sprouted about late April - so that makes him about 8 and a half months old. It was really tough to even get a glimpse of it at that time, so, getting a picture was even tougher. but I managed to find the above shot that just shows his first teeth :) (bottom two pix don't show his teeth hahaha)
At the time when his teeth started sprouting, Isaac started to bite me after he finished drinking! Wah.... very pain!!! When he was younger, at a time, he also used to bite - at that time, without teeth he bite, already very pain. Now, with teeth, lagi pain!!! *faint* So I started my *stern*look* and *firm*voice* telling him not to bite mummy, unlatch him and 'keep' my breast etc etc... hahaha... after much psychoing, it worked and he stopped biting me. Only occassionally he does it for fun, and only nibbles slightly (as opposed to chomping down hard!!!).
above pictures taken on 3rd May 2008
Isaac at three days to 9 months

As of today, early July, when Isaac is nearing 11 months - he officially has 4 teeth - two above and two below, and another 2 above is sprouting soon. Can see them already. So, soon, he'd have 4 on top and 2 below! :)

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

This is my Isaac!!!

Look at my Isaac! *swoooon* my handsome boy! :p above pictures taken on 3rd May 2008
Isaac @ three days to 9 months


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