Monday, 14 July 2008

Breastfeeding with cast on

No, no, I'm off the cast already, long time ago. Yes, yes, yes, I am SO behind in my posts. So, these are the promised pix of me bf-ing Isaac while I had my cast on. Lying down (pic above) and sitting up (pix below)... Doesn't seemed to have bothered Isaac one bit.
Was a bit of a challenge managing to do this at first. But after awhile it was alright. You'd find that in the next coupla weeks, there won't be much pictures either, coz after I hurt my right arm, I didn't take many pix, coz it was difficult to steady the camera taking a pic with my left hand alone. Kinda regret not taking more pix of me in my cast carrying Isaac though :p
pictures above taken on 11th May 2008
Isaac @ 9 months plus

Okay! Arm update! Hmmm... well, for all intents and purposes (well, most, anyway) my arm is working. I can do almost everything I want to, though it'd be painful for the more 'difficult' tasks. I still can't straighten my elbow fully, nor bend it as completely as before. Thus, the more 'difficult' tasks are usually the ones that require me to do either of these actions.

For illustration, my right elbow can bend sufficiently for my fingers to touch my shoulder, but I can bend more to place my whole hand on my shoulder (which I just tested with my left hand - and it can).

Strength wise, it's definitely still weaker than before, but it's slowly but surely getting better. Now, when I drive, I can handle a left turn with my right arm alone - which I couldn't do when I first started driving again.

But it's still painful though, when I exert, so that's bothering me. But I suppose it's normal. I wish I would get better faster. Ah well. See, impatience again :p

*groan* It's Monday. sighz.

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  1. Good to know that you are recovering well. Take good care!


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