Friday, 18 July 2008

Butt in the air

picture above taken on 18th May 2008
Isaac @ 9 months plus

That's how Isaac likes to sleep - butt in the air. By far his favourite pose. This morning, he was in this position again, so I tried it too. Positioned myself in the same way, butt in the air. Hmmmm... taxes the thigh muscles... maybe that's why Isaac's legs are so strong!!! He packs a power kick I tell you! Many have suffered dearly! ;p


  1. His face down position doesn't look very comfortable, or safe for that aspect. It's good that he has the strong arms to pull himself away if he finds it difficult to breathe.

  2. oh his face is turned to the side. He's been sleeping like that since he was two weeks old. Then, I was very worried, so I would sit next to him and watch him all the time, worried that he's suffocate. But he's always been fine. Though I was more relieved when he finally learnt to flip himself over, so I knew he could if he wanted to. But I guess you're right, it is still kinda scary sometimes, so... I still get up a coupla times a night just to make sure he's ok :p

  3. That's good to know. I know that both of you are very responsible parents, so I believe you would have taken all possible precautions. ;-)


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