Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Happy Isaac

My happy Isaac! :) He who laughs, cannot "perform" in front of crowds though. Isaac's one that's always so happy and smiley unless he is tired and cranky or, lately, when he doesn't get what he wants. So all in all, Isaac's this smiley/laughey/happey like 80% of the time.
But he does seem to have a problem being like that in front of crowds. The first time, was his baptism. Goodness, he was Cranky King that day. Was all pek-cheky, man-zhangy, grouchy like mad. Until the ceremony ended, then he was ok. *roll*eyes* sighz.
Then on Saturday, we had a family gathering at my parents place to celebrate Isaac's impending 1 year birthday - he was only like 30% smiley. Sighz. not on top form at all. That is, till most of the guests left. sighz. hahahaha... but I guess most kids are like that. Becca and Isabelle were always very solemn when we had family gatherings. They would not be cheery and cheeky like they
pictures above taken on 1st June 2008
Isaac @ five days to 10 months

But then again, on "big days" like that, his normal schedule is often out of whack, so we can't get him to nap properly etc, so I guess, it's kinda understandable that he gets cranky and all. Guess we're lucky we have this blog to show proof of happy Isaac! hahaha...

Oh, but when we go out with friends, to friends' house, relatively small groups, Isaac's usually fine. And he'd be super active and smiley as usual. The question we get most often when people see him like that is:"Is he ALWAYS like that?!" hahahhahahahahaha...

YES he is!!! :)

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