Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Isaac and Charlene

Isaac & friends: Charlene

This is Charlene, hubbs' colleague's daughter. She's the most precocious little girl we've ever met, and adorably so! Charlene and her parents stay near our place, so we often meet for breakfast or dinner on weekends. Here's Charlene and Isaac, during one of our breakfasts. You know how we always put the kids together, ask them to "play together! play together!" and then we see how they react to one another? This was one of those:" Come Charlene, hold Isaac's hand, take photo."
Well, Isaac started protesting the minute Charlene tried to pull his hand towards her.Erm... VIOLENTLY protesting...
Charlene must be thinking:" Hummph. Don't want?! Fine. "
Isaac:"Mummy! How?! Charlene angry already! You think giving her this pink box would help?"

Here's Isaac trying to make amends...

all above pictures and video taken on 17th May 2008
Isaac @ 9 months plus
Charlene @ two months to 3 years old

We just had our free-dinner-vouchers redeemed at Charlene & Lucas Cafe on Sunday night. Yummy aglio olio with pork+potato+carrot+celery soup and topped off with Ben & Jerry's Butter Pecan and Chubby Hubby! *slurp* We all had a great time there. Isaac had a playground slide thingy on which he had a great time climbing up and sliding down again, I had a great chat with Charlene's Mummy, and hubbs had a good time playing with Charlene - I heard they went fishing even! :) Oh, and who's Lucas? In about a month or so, he'd be ready to come out! yay! More playmates for Isaac!

Oh wait, I have to tell you this thing that happened with Charlene. We had just arrived, and dinner was having its finishing touches done to it, and hubbs was feeding Isaac his porridge. Charlene was showing me the birthday presents she had just received over the weekend, and she asked me if I could go with her to her room to play. I said ok, and went with her. I sat on her bed as she showed me how she could do a flip on her bed, then she showed me her toys, and her learning computer thingy etc chatting to me about the stuff as she showed me... then suddenly she turned to me and said:"I've to go. Can you stay here alone by yourself?" I was stunned! Then I quick got up from the bed, and said:"No, no, it's okay, I'd follow you to the living room." She shrugged and said:" Okay." Then without waiting for me, she just walked to the living room!!! hahahaha... That's a little Charlene nugget for you :)

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