Wednesday, 2 July 2008


Isaac has teeth already!!! His first teeth (bottom two) sprouted about late April - so that makes him about 8 and a half months old. It was really tough to even get a glimpse of it at that time, so, getting a picture was even tougher. but I managed to find the above shot that just shows his first teeth :) (bottom two pix don't show his teeth hahaha)
At the time when his teeth started sprouting, Isaac started to bite me after he finished drinking! Wah.... very pain!!! When he was younger, at a time, he also used to bite - at that time, without teeth he bite, already very pain. Now, with teeth, lagi pain!!! *faint* So I started my *stern*look* and *firm*voice* telling him not to bite mummy, unlatch him and 'keep' my breast etc etc... hahaha... after much psychoing, it worked and he stopped biting me. Only occassionally he does it for fun, and only nibbles slightly (as opposed to chomping down hard!!!).
above pictures taken on 3rd May 2008
Isaac at three days to 9 months

As of today, early July, when Isaac is nearing 11 months - he officially has 4 teeth - two above and two below, and another 2 above is sprouting soon. Can see them already. So, soon, he'd have 4 on top and 2 below! :)

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