Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Theodore & Isaac

Isaac & friends: Theodore

Theodore's my ex-colleague Hua Sing's son. They came over to our place one weekend afternoon so we could catch up and the boys could play together.
Not that they could really "play"together as yet, but it was fun watching them around each other. The funny thing was, Theodore, for some unknown reason, was really afraid of hubbs! hahaha... He'd cry and run to his mummy when hubbs comes too near to him. Maybe's it's hubbs' whiskers that scare him!?!? kekeke...
Theodore's slightly more than 10 months older than Isaac. So, that means that I got pregnant shortly after Theodore was born. I still remember the day hubbs and I went to Mt E to visit Theodore and his mummy :) Seems like such a long time ago!
Here's the proud daddy and his little boy :)
above pictures taken on 3rd May 2008
Isaac @ three days to 9 months;
Theodore @ five days to 19 months

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