Friday, 11 July 2008

Tickle tickle!!!

Tickle tickle tickle!!! hahaha... as with all kids, Isaac loves it when we bury our face and 'blow bubbles' into his tummy... here's him giggling when we do it...
He also likes it when we do the "Round and round the garden, like a teddy bear. One step, two step, tickle you there!!!" where we trace circles with our fingers on his tummy, and tickle him at the armpits... and again! "Round and round the forrest, like a little deer. One step, two step, tickle you here!!!" :)
We just love to see him laugh! hahahhaa...
above pictures taken on 4th May 2008
Isaac @ two days to 9 months

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  1. Joshua liked it too when he was younger. Mum said that he would sometimes go to her and say "Po Po. Gu ji me, okay" and then he would run to the bed, and then lie down and wait. So funny.


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