Saturday, 30 August 2008

Zenon & Isaac

Isaac & friends: Zenon

This is Zenon, he's hubb's friend's son. Zenon is 2 months older than Isaac. He looks bigger, doesn't he? He is! And he's one SOLID boy, you know!? He's got very firm limbs, if you know what I mean ;p These two pix show the boys when they were very young - Isaac was only 2 months old then! :)
pictures above taken on 15th October 2007
Isaac @ 2 months plus;
Zenon @ approx 4 months

Look at them now!!! :) (okay okay, not NOW per se, but like 2 months ago)
Hubbs and Zenon's papa were ex-colleagues. They're very good friends, and they're both sporty and skinny and balding. HAHAHA... They look alike too! So much so someone asked them before if they were Father and Son. hahahahhaaa.... no prizes for guessing who's the one thought to be the"Father"...
So here're the two boys - their papas can't wait for them to grow up so they could go running, and rock climbing with them. And all other forms of sport you can think of. Right now, we'd just be glad if they don't maul each other.

They seem to be doing fine. These pix were taken during one of our gaming sessions. Oh, hubbs and I are into boardgames and Zenon's parents are our gaming partners! In fact, the day before Zenon was born, we played games at Zenon's home till about 2am in the morning! And ten over hours later - Zenon was born!
Oh I forgot to mention! You like Isaac's new hairdo? This was specially requested for by hubbs. He'd been bugging me for the longest time to leave a tuft in front, when cutting Isaac's hair. So finally I relented and this is the result! I must say he looks rather cute lah :p hahaha as always!
above five pix taken on 21 June 2008
Isaac @ 10 months;
Zenon @ 12 months!


Friday, 29 August 2008

Dylan says Hello!!!

This is Dylan :) He's Isaac's cousin, my cousin Dawn's son.

He's born in December 2007 - so that makes him approximately 4 months younger than Isaac. So, together with Natalie, they form the 3 Piglets of our family on my dad's side. Unfortunately, to date, we have yet to get a picture of the 3 Piglets together.
Dylan's parents keep a blog of Dylan, updating photos every single day of his life, ever since he was born. It's a great picture blog! But unfortunately for those of you not related to Dylan, the blog is a private one, so you can't see his cute face everyday like we can.
But see how good I am to you my loyal readers!?!? I bring you wonderful pictures of Dylan for your viewing pleasure!!! :) kekeke... He's so cute, ain't he!?
So, any of you, who would like me to feature your cute little one, do email me your pictures! I'd be more than pleased to showcase them :) For every child is sooooo cute they deserve to be shown to the world!!!
pictures above taken sometime in 2008
Dylan in his first year

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Fun in the water!

Isaac loves the water. He loves bathing, swimming, sitting in the sink, playing with liquids split on the table, and fingering his spit when his drool falls to the ground... you get the idea ;p

Here're pix of him and Natalie playing in the inflatable pool about two months ago. (Yes, that's why Natalie's in the pix, coz she's presently in the States already). We didn't have Isaac's swimsuit with us as this wasn't planned, so we kinda plonked him in naked :p muttering "Next time grow bigger cannot naked naked swim in front of Natalie already huh..." kekeke...
Oh yeah, my sister wrote back from the US! They're settling down great! The girls were fantastically well-behaved on the flight there, so that was a huge relief. The girls love their new home which is bright and airy, and everyday, they'd play at the playground that's right in front of the house. There are also 2 other Singaporean families where they stay, and our fellow Singaporeans have been really helpful and supportive, so that's really great.

They've also settled down enough to start travelling a bit. They've driven to Half Moon Bay Beach and Santa Cruz and they just returned from their road trip to Disneyland and San Diego a few days ago. As you would expect, the kids really loved Disneyland! It was a fantastic treat for Becca & Isabelle to come up close and personal with the famed Disney Princesses. Will update more, with pix, when my sis uploads them onto her facebook :)
Here's a vid of Isaac playing with water! :)

pictures and video above taken on 15 June 2008
Isaac @ 10 months plus
Natalie @ 7 months plus

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Remote Controls & Couch Potatos

Oh yeah! As Matthew pointed out - the pictures posted yesterday (the ones with ET) showed Isaac with a remote control in his hand! Actually I didn't even notice that... hahaha...

Dunno what is it with babies and remotes, isn't it? They all seem to love wielding the remote. Maybe it's The Power That Lies Within it that beckons them. hahahhaa...

Isaac's no exception. Whether it's at home, or my in laws place, or my parents place, or at our friends' place - he loves holding the remote.

He's pretty handy with it too. Knows how to point it at the tv and press the buttons so that it changes the channel. One time, at my in laws place, my sis-in-law handed him a remote for a device that was no longer working. So even though he pointed it at the tv in the room and pressed the buttons, the channel didn't change. So, he crawled out of the bedroom, remote in hand, and went to the living room and pointed it at the tv there! hahahaha... Good thinking! He probably thought that the remote was for the tv outside! :)

There was one Saturday morning, when hubbs switched on the tv to watch the Olympics, Isaac promptly accosted the remote, and aimed, pressed the button, and immediately changed the channel to another channel which was showing Thomas the Engine! Then he stopped pressing, and watched it for awhile! Wah!!! We were soooo impressed! hhahahhahahaa...

Oh speaking of the Olympics, we watched the closing ceremony on Sunday at home, on our big screen. Isaac was so excited during the mass(ive) display! He really enjoyed it! We were so amused.

We haven't really started Isaac on watching kids progammes and all, so he isn't a tv addict yet. We figured he's gonna start watching tv sooner or later, and in all likelihood - be addicted like all other kids. So we're trying to postpone that as long as we can.

Right now, he only 'sees' tv when the adults see. Even then, he's not very interested, he'd rather play with his toys or with the magnets on the fridge or with us or have us read to him, rather than watch tv. We're pretty alright with that, so we're gonna let it be for some time.

Oh these couple of pictures below were taken a long time ago, in January this year, when Isaac was 5 and a half months old. He'd just learnt to watch tv at that time, so he was kinda taken with it for awhile.
There were times where my dad, hubbs and Isaac were all watching tv in that kinda tv trance - but I didn't manage to catch that pic. haha managed to catch the above of my dad and Isaac though.

My dad is quite a major couch potato. And... sighz, so is hubbs actually, though not so bad now. I'm hoping Isaac would be more a reader (like me! *grinz*) than a couch potato (like his papa). Seems like it's going that way now, so I'm rather glad - but still keeping my fingers crossed. At one time, Isaac really liked the tv too, so much so that I was calling him Spud for awhile. hahaha...
pictures taken on 20th January 2008
Isaac @ 5 and a half months old

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

SpideyBoy & ET

SpideyBoy meets ET.

We keep forgetting to take pix with ET whenever the 6th comes around. Think in June we over-compensated and took twice. None on the 6th though. Ah well. Whatever. hahahahaha...
It's not been easy taking pix with ET lately. Partly coz Isaac's always moving around, so I can't get a good shot. Also, he keeps knocking ET down! hahaha... Plus ET's getting in on age, so his neck ain't holding up too well.
pictures above taken on 15th June 2008
Isaac @ 10 months plus

But, well, we'd persevere! Which other kid do you know of takes pix with ET regularly?! :)

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Who's a tissue puller?!

This is our hero, caught in the midst of his naughty deed.

As you know, hubbs is a teacher, so we wake up very early on weekdays, like at 6ish, and most of the time, Isaac would wake up around that time too. So it has kinda been ingrained in his bodyclock to wake up at that time everyday... which unfortunately, includes the weekends!?!?

Most weekends, I'd try my best to get Isaac to sleep longer, by drawing the curtains to make the room darker, and also, I'd like plug him in and let him suckle himself to sleep again. But sometimes, there's only so much I can delay his waking up time, and he'd be up and about. Hubbs and I have kinda resigned ourselves to this fate, so we just carry on sleeping and let Isaac entertain himself - while I occasionally open my eyes to take a peep at what he's doing to keep an eye on him...

picture and video above taken on 8th June 2008
Isaac @ 10 months

So on this particular morning, Isaac entertained himself alright... he got to indulge in one of his favourite games - pull tissue outta the box!!! tsk tsk tsk... by the time I found out... you can see the amount of damage done... decided to document it!!! hahahha...

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Government? Ascendas? or MY BABY?!

Yay!!! 4 months maternity leave!!! Could be better - like 6 months - but it's okay! 4 months is good too!!! kekeke... Yes, for those not in Singapore ... Last night, er, make that night before last night, in the 2008 National Day Rally, our dear Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has announced more pro-baby measures!!!
Full details are not out yet, but other than the increase in maternity leave, there is also an increase in childcare leave - from 2 days to 6 days a year, and now it can be taken by either the mother or the father. Introduction of Infant Care Leave - no pay leave of up to 7 days a year for the first two years of the child's life. More tax incentives for working mothers. More childcare facilities, more subsidies for childcare... FANTASTIC! Could always be better, but you know, Government needs baby steps too :p so, we're not complaining!!!
Oh one thing the Government should do is to encourage companies to have pro-family policies and culture. Like Ascendas - where I'm working right now :) Our hero here is an Ascendas baby!!! Conceived with the help of the legendary Ascendas (off)spring water. The year I was pregnant with Isaac, there were 3 in my department alone, and about 15 in the company! We even have a dedicated Mum's Room constructed (has two cubicles in it, cubicles can be locked, with power point provided, mini-fridge for keeping our expressed breast milk...) Kudos to all companies that are pro-family! Government should give them tax incentives too! kekeke...
You know, I was just thinking about it, I think about the only thing the Government hasn't done to make us all have more kids - is to dis-incentivise (that's the politically correct phrase) - or shall we (as Hamish Brown always says) call an apple an apple - PENALISE!!! Yes! The one thing our dear Government hasn't done is to penalise people for having too few kids!

Hey, I wouldn't put it pass them you know. I mean, remember our Stop at Two campaign - was soooo successful it's one of the reasons why we have such a low birth rate now. It's also the major reason why I only have one sibling, and most of my friends and my sister's friends our age - all have only one other sibling each! At that time, the Government penalised people for having more kids by way of not giving benefits (that was given to the first two kids), and tactics like denying 3rd or 4th kids from school placement priority etc.

But of course it'd be taboo to implement any such "penalty" now, in this day and age, for not having enough kids. We'd have riots for sure. hahaha. But then, you never know, given time, if the situation doesn't improve - even as the wheelbarrow is overflowing with carrots - the Govvy just might get desperate enough... then... ho ho ho... out comes the whip!!! EAT THESE CARROTS AND PROLIFERATE, YOU SILLY BUNNIES!!! NOW!!! EAT CARROTS!!! PROLIFERATE!!! NOW!!! LOOK AT HOW WELL I TREAT YOU?!?! HERE ARE YOUR CARROTS!!! EAT THEM YOU SILLY BUNNIES!!! THEN PROLIFERATE - NOW!!! WWAAAHHAHAHAA!!!

Here's my baby bunny with puffy cheeks. Ain't he cute. kekeke...
pictures above taken on 30th March 2008 Isaac @ a week to 7 months

Oh by the way, I'd like to clarify... hubbs and I, we like kids, that's why we aim to have 4. We're having them FOR OURSELVES. Not "for the Government" - which a lot of people always comment when they hear we aim to have 4 kids. Don't get me wrong - it's good that the Government is giving us these lil carrots to munch on - but these carrots are not the reason why we're having kids! We have kids, coz we like kids and we want a big family. But primarily, it's for ourselves that we have kids - not "for the Government".

I always ask those people who tell me that:"Oh, you mean to say you had YOUR kid - FOR THE GOVERNMENT?" Which then they would reply:"No, of course not!" Then I say:"So why do you say I have MY kids "for the Government"?!?!"

Now, but if you tell me:"Wah... the Government sure like people like you..." .... ah.... given that it is 2008 and the Govvy just announced a whole slew of pro-baby measures - Yes, I totally agree with you - I think the Government likes people like us - at the moment :p

Monday, 18 August 2008

This is Chan Yu!

Isaac & friends: Chan Yu & Chan Hay

Remember this when we announced the birth of Chan Hay's brother? Here he is! This is Chan Yu! Ain't he a little cutie?! :)
Here's Isaac trying to rock Yu. We had to keep telling him to be gentle though, coz he rocked Yu very hard! :p
Here's Isaac and Hay playing together :) Now that Isaac's more mobile, Hay probably find that he's much more "fun" to play with than he was a few months ago.
Hay, being about one and a half years older than Isaac, is more conscious, and he actually remembers who Isaac is. Usually, before we meet, Hay's parents would tell him that Isaac is coming (to his house) or that he would be meeting Isaac at the party/gathering later in the day etc. And it seems that Hay would remember who Isaac is and would look forward to playing with him :)

Below is our two heros taking a spin on Hay's trusty scooter! :)
pictures above taken on 7th June 08
Hay @ 2 years plus;
Isaac @ 10 months;
Yu @ 2 months!

Friday, 15 August 2008

Waving waving waving

Isaac loves to smile, laugh, clap & wave! :) catch him in action here! :)

above picture & video taken on 7th June 2008
Isaac @ 10 months

Who's a Moo Moo Mama?!

ME!!! I've been a cow for more than a year!!! HURRAY!!! moooooooo... moooooooo...

This past year, I've been eating more fish and vege (more than I usually do!), and keeping off caffeine (coffee, tea, coke) and hardly had any alcohol at all. Generally eating healthily and trying my best to keep off the "harmful" stuff, and try to remember to eat my calcium pills, fish oil, and multi-vites - all in the hope of producing good quality milk for my Isaac.

Yes, Isaac is still on my milk, COMPLETELY. coz he still refuses to drink any kind of milk through the bottle/cup! Whether it is expressed breast milk (EBM) or frozen breast milk or formula milk or fresh milk - once he sees the white liquid in the cup/bottle - he refuses to even TRY it. sighz. Thus, he is still not drinking milk in the day time (when I am at work) - only at night and on weekends, then he would latch on and drink.

As a result, I haven't been pumping in office for the past few months already - partly coz supply dropped, and he drinks immediately before and after work, but also coz I've been quite sianz that he doesn't drink my EBM or frozen EBM anyway, so I didn't feel encouraged nor motivated to continue pumping.

Though I must admit that I am quite glad to stop pumping, coz you do gain back that bit of 'freedom' and normalcy, once you stop. Though I have been pumping for more than 6 months, I must say that it is still quite bizarre to, like - milk yourself, if you know what I mean. People who have never pumped before all are equally curious yet kinda part disgusted with it all. It's really hilarious the way their face contorts and eyes widen when I tell them about breastfeeding and pumping - if and when they ask.

When you breastfeed or pump, in a way, one also becomes more 'open' sometimes. There's been a number of occasions at work, where, due to time constraint or venue shortage or whatever - I've actually had to pump in the same room at the same time with other colleagues. But, of course, we would like take opposite ends of the room, and face away from one another while pumping - but still, I think only pumping mothers would be able to do something like that.

There was one time, just coz there was "urgent office gossip" (kekeke intepret however you want to), I managed to convince two female colleagues to be in the room with me while I pumped, just so I could take part or at least listen in on the conversation. hahahhaa... these two colleagues are not married and hence not mothers yet, so were very squeamish about it, and refused to look in my direction at all - even though we had a noticeboard between us!

Yet another time, we met one of my best friends - JH - for lunch one saturday, at Novena Sq's Pizza Hut. Then Isaac wanted to drink. So, as I was in my nursing wear, I could nurse discretely. So discretely, that JH, who was seated beside me, didn't know that I was nursing. That is, until Isaac started to fuss, and unlatched himself in the midst of my letdown! So the milk was spurting out like nobody's business, and wet JH's arm with it - she was like:"How come wet wet suddenly?" And THEN she realised... I must say she looked quite stunned. hahahhahahaa...

I remember, the day we sent Andrea, Jarrod & Zac off at the airport, after that, we had a bite at the Burger King there. Then Isaac wanted to drink. So, I draped over me and Isaac his wrapper (this big cloth used to 'wrap' babies up), and proceeded to let him drink. I had to use a cloth to drape over coz at that time, he had a high tendency to unlatch and fuss during a letdown. So, he started drinking, and true enough, he started to unlatch and fuss during a letdown. Plus, he was not used to having a cloth draped over, so he was trying to pull away the cloth with his hands! Hubbs had to help me with holding the cloth, while I was trying to ask Isaac to start drinking again. "Isaaac!!! Drink! Drink now! Stop playing! Drink!!! Isaaaaaac!!!" But the lil guy was inside waving his arms, having a good time, with milk spraying over his face. sighz. hahahhaa... oh yes, everyone was staring by then. But we laughed it off. It was HILARIOUS!!! hahahaha...

People were very incredulous at the amount of milk I was producing initially. Especially my colleagues in office coz they see my collection for the day in office. Initially, when I first came back to work after the 12 weeks of maternity leave - I could pump almost 300ml each pump (total for both sides). So, I consistently brought home more than half a litre everyday minimally. Well, after my bout of mastitis, and then work stress etc, supply went down. But still it was pretty decent. So I was a great source of envy for many a pumping mother in office.

However, our dear hero here refused to drink most of my frozen store. Or rather, at the time when he drank Expressed Breast Milk, I had enough to pump for his to drink the next say day, so he had "fresh milk" to drink all the time. So, my frozen store just sat frozen. Thus, I decided not to let it go to waste, and started to give it away. Gave batches to two singapore motherhood mothers (unknowns). Then I found a pumping mother in office who would take my milk! Hurrah! So I started to pass all my milk to her :) Even now, I am still passing her the remnants of my frozen store. I am happy that the milk's not gone to waste - though I would have much preferred that Isaac drank it. I think he probably drank only like 5% of all the frozen milk I had stored. Sighz. Silly boy...

So... other than the above, what do I think about being a Moo Moo Mama? Well, I love it! Despite all the inconveniences, I think it's worth it! It's really this feeling of closeness and bonding that I have with Isaac - especially now, when his eyes light up when I come home from work every night. He would bury his face in my chest and/or start to chew on my shoulder... He's my Isaac! and he only wants my milk! hahahaha...

For those who are having problems with breastfeeding - I'd say:"Persevere!!!" I had my fair share of problems too, but once you come through it, you'd look back and laugh at all the suffering you went through.

Like my colleague once told me:"There is no epidural for breastfeeding (pains)"

Which is true. So, take the epidural, and try out breastfeeding! kekeke...

For all you know, you may one of the lucky ones who have a smooth Milk Trail, unlike others who get the Milk Trial. But you'd never know till you try...

I'd passed my Milk Trial! Have you? :)

Friday, 8 August 2008

Cheeky Isaac

Here's hubbs trying to put on diapers for our cheeky Isaac. He's been very difficult to diaper and dress coz he's always so active and refuses to lie down to let us do the job. So much so that sometimes we can't put on his diaper properly and he leaks it. Thus, for his night diapers, we've to wait till he's fast asleep, before we change his diaper on his bed, and dress him in his pyjamas.
above pictures taken on 7th June 2008
Isaac @ 10 months

Isaac's got many teeth now! Look at the pic! Hahaha... as of today, Isaac @ 12 months - he has 4 teeth on top and 4 below - that makes 8! Wow! hahahaha...

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Isaac turns 1 today! :)

above picture taken on 6th August 2008 - 6.41am
Isaac @ 24 minutes to 1 year old!!!

It's 6th August 2008! Isaac turns one today!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISAAC!!! :) He Who Laughs is a boy of a million smiles! Look at the pic above! He's grinning from ear to ear at 6.41am in the morning, now tell me - how many of you can do that?!?! hahaha... Isaac would smile almost immediately when he wakes up, sheepishly and sleepily, but smile he will. I think he must have smiled more than a million times since he was born a year ago!

As of today, Isaac can do many things, he can:
  1. Call Mama & Papa (though not necessarily on demand)
  2. Wave goodbye - usually with both hands! vigourously! (on demand, and spontaneous too)
  3. Touch his head - when you ask him where his head is - in Teochew! (not always on demand either)
  4. Clap his hands - almost on demand - in Teochew, English or Chinese.
  5. Stand without support, steadily, for a few seconds. Longer, if he is distracted.
  6. Squat - from a standing position.
  7. Climb - excellently! Anything from sofa, to chairs and tables, to scaling the front face of Mount Mummy - using belly button, tummy fats, breasts and shoulders as footholds, and pulling t-shirt for handholds!
  8. Cruise very well - walking while holding on to furniture.
  9. Walk very well with the walker, or with us holding him by one hand.
  10. Argue and talk back - in gibberish!
  11. Cry - when we leave him at my in laws in the morning. Separation anxiety!
  12. Cry and wants us to carry him - when at an unfamiliar place - as sticky as toffee!
  13. Crawl from the bedroom to the living room to look for us when he wakes up from his nap.
  14. Flip pages of a book - very well!
  15. Play his xylophone

Okay, I can't think of anything more. Other than to drink milk from me in all sorts of positions :p ok ok, too much info, too much info :p hahahaha...

Below are pix from Isaac's THREE birthday celebrations! *faint* We didn't have a choice but to split the birthday celebrations, coz there would have been too many people at the party if we combined all in one.

picture above taken on 26th July 2008
Isaac @ two weeks to 1 year; Natalie @ 9 months; Isabelle @ turned 3 years in May 2008 ; Rebecca @ going to 5 years in November 2008

The above is the first celebration we had on 26th July 2008. It was held at my parents' place, for my relatives - from both my mother and my father side. I come from a big family - both my parents have 9 siblings each. So, I have more than 20 cousins from each side. Both my parents are ranked #5 respectively, amongst their siblings. Thus, I have cousins who are married and have kids too! Hence, you can imagine the crowd. We rsvped 40 adults - not counting including those below 12! It was also a farewell party for my sister they all since they were leaving on 3rd August. We viewed pix from my cousin Yew Jin's trip to Perth, where he stayed with Joel & Andrea and the boys, too. We all had a great time catching up :)

Above is Isaac's first Spidey cake! (the 26th July one) Looks nice, and tastes great!!! So we ordered again from the same shop for the 2nd August party! See below! :) Looks and tastes great too! 2kg each. The first cake above - everyone finished every single scrap of it! (How often does that ever happen!??!) The cake below, coz there were less people at the party, had a 8cm by 8cm chunk remaining - which was fine with me! kekeke *yummy* !!! Oh, how much were they? Just under $70 each :) a bargain!

Here's Isaac admiring his 2nd Spidey cake - he's lucky!!! He's barely one and he's had TWO Spidey cakes!!! I've never had a Spidey birthday cake all my life (so far!) !!!
Managed to get a threesome pic :) And a great pic with my in laws below! This 2nd August party was a pretty big one as well. We held it at our home. Hubbs comes from a big family too. His parents have 6 siblings each. Thus he has many cousins, and a number of nephews and nieces too. We also invited our immediate neighbours, and not forgetting Isaac's Godparents. Rsvped about 30 pax!
I managed to rush out an entire DVD of one year's worth of Isaac's photos from birth, so that was running on the screen the whole night - guaranteed smiles from the birthday boy! kekeke... (Anyone wants a copy, just let me know! :p) Hubbs' cousins & nephews/nieces have also been hooked onto our exciting range of boardgames, so they were playing the games all night, and had lotsa fun :) Yay! We're on our way to introducing more people to boardgames and converting them to being gamers! :)
four pictures above taken on 2nd August 2008
Isaac @ four days to 1 year old

And there's Isaac's Godpa and Godma above, with little Godsis Regina in Godma's tum tum! We can't wait for Regina to come out and play with Isaac - though we've been telling Godma & Godpa to cherish their 2 people world... hahahahaha... no worris, we'd conduct assimilation courses if need be - anyone wants to sign up!? kekeke...

Our 3rd celebration of Isaac's birthday - on the actual day!!! :) I took half day off from work to spend with Isaac. Then, in the evening, my good friend Ailing, dropped by with a delicious black forest cake to celebrate with Isaac and us! Isaac! Say "Thank you, Ee-ee Ailing!!!" :)
Isaac, supremely pleased with his third cake in 3 weeks! :) three pictures above taken on 6th August 2008
Isaac @ 1 year old!!! :)

above picture taken on 3rd August 2008
Isaac @ three days to 1 year old

Here's our sweet Isaac, sitting amid his bounty of presents from his 2nd party the night before (sorry, already opened presents from 26th July hahaha...)

Isaac would sincerely like to thank everyone: those who came to his parties, for coming, and for the presents and ang pows, and well wishes, those who couldn't come and sent presents, ang pows and well wishes, those who weren't invited to neither of the 3 parties and STILL sent presents/angpows/wellwishes!!! Goodness. He is one popular baby! :) THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

My lil' techie boy!

photo taken on 7th June 2008
Isaac @ 10 months

That's my lil techie boy, at his laptop again (a real NEC - Pentium 3!). That was the laptop I bought when I was in uni, a bit dated now, but it still works fine. So I've given it to Isaac for him to play with.

He loves it, he'd stand there at his laptop and bang away on the keyboard - like real! hahaha... But... he knows his stuff, this lil' techie - he'd want MY computer! He'd insist on sitting on MY computer chair, and type on MY keyboard, and use MY mouse! I tried to give him a mouse to go with his laptop but he still prefers mine. Sighz. Guess he knows my computer is more souped up than his.

That's my lil' techie for you! :)

Monday, 4 August 2008

off to San Francisco!

They flew off yesterday afternoon! My Mum, my sister, bro-in-law, and their three princesses: Rebecca, Isabelle and Natalie. Chris is going to take his Masters course at Stanford for a year, so my sister is following him to the States, together with the girls. My Mum's going to help out my sis for a few months before coming back to give my Dad some TLC ;)

The Koh Princesses three!
Rebecca! Isabelle! Natalie!

The We'd be missing them. (and we certainly hope they miss us!) But it's not too bad, it's only a year. It'd be a good experience for them. How hubbs and I wish we'd such a chance too. Ah well. Oh, just so long as they come back after a year, and not say that they've decided to stay there for good. That'd be devastating. Rebecca, the BIG sister :)

So, hubbs and I are planning to go visit them in December this year, along with Isaac of course. I love going to the States. Hope we'd be able to spend at least 2 weeks there. May even drop by Texas to visit a good friend of mine. Plus we can load up on more Spidey merchandise - fabooo!!!
Isabelle, the Er-Jie (second older sister) aka Da-Mei (oldest younger sister!) ;p

So, with States in December, we'd probably do Perth next June. But then again, we MAY swop it around. Coz the above would mean low cold winter degrees on both trips. But then to swop it around would mean high hot summer degrees on both trips! yikes. I'm more for the cold, but you know hubbs, he's getting in on years and his old bones can't take the cold well kekeke... (actually, it's probably that he doesn't have the fats like I have that help insulate me from the cold - damn!!!) Natalie! The precious little one :)

beautifully taken pictures above taken sometime in 2008
by Christopher Koh - Papa of the girls!
Rebecca @ 4 plus; Isabelle @ 2 plus; Natalie @ more than 6 months

Well, we'd see. We're looking forward to both trips where we can see our loved ones! You know, whenever I think about how it's so troublesome to travel overseas to faraway lands, I always think of those computer games I used to watch Joel play when I was young. The characters could TELEPORT!!! Wow! I remember being fascinated with that concept - to be able to just enter a chamber, and disappear from one location, and transported to another location miles away, within seconds!!! Sighz. when oh when will that become a reality. *whisper* Isaac, quick grow up and invent that! kekeke...
picture above taken on 4th June 2008
Isaac @ two days to 10 months
Natalie @ 6 and a half months

I'd miss taking pix of the girls, and of Isaac and Natalie playing together. By the time they get back, both Isaac and Natalie would be walking already! :) Sighz... ah well, with internet and applications like skype, facebook and blogs - shouldn't be a problem keeping in touch! Hail the World Wide Web!!! :D


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