Friday, 29 August 2008

Dylan says Hello!!!

This is Dylan :) He's Isaac's cousin, my cousin Dawn's son.

He's born in December 2007 - so that makes him approximately 4 months younger than Isaac. So, together with Natalie, they form the 3 Piglets of our family on my dad's side. Unfortunately, to date, we have yet to get a picture of the 3 Piglets together.
Dylan's parents keep a blog of Dylan, updating photos every single day of his life, ever since he was born. It's a great picture blog! But unfortunately for those of you not related to Dylan, the blog is a private one, so you can't see his cute face everyday like we can.
But see how good I am to you my loyal readers!?!? I bring you wonderful pictures of Dylan for your viewing pleasure!!! :) kekeke... He's so cute, ain't he!?
So, any of you, who would like me to feature your cute little one, do email me your pictures! I'd be more than pleased to showcase them :) For every child is sooooo cute they deserve to be shown to the world!!!
pictures above taken sometime in 2008
Dylan in his first year

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