Thursday, 28 August 2008

Fun in the water!

Isaac loves the water. He loves bathing, swimming, sitting in the sink, playing with liquids split on the table, and fingering his spit when his drool falls to the ground... you get the idea ;p

Here're pix of him and Natalie playing in the inflatable pool about two months ago. (Yes, that's why Natalie's in the pix, coz she's presently in the States already). We didn't have Isaac's swimsuit with us as this wasn't planned, so we kinda plonked him in naked :p muttering "Next time grow bigger cannot naked naked swim in front of Natalie already huh..." kekeke...
Oh yeah, my sister wrote back from the US! They're settling down great! The girls were fantastically well-behaved on the flight there, so that was a huge relief. The girls love their new home which is bright and airy, and everyday, they'd play at the playground that's right in front of the house. There are also 2 other Singaporean families where they stay, and our fellow Singaporeans have been really helpful and supportive, so that's really great.

They've also settled down enough to start travelling a bit. They've driven to Half Moon Bay Beach and Santa Cruz and they just returned from their road trip to Disneyland and San Diego a few days ago. As you would expect, the kids really loved Disneyland! It was a fantastic treat for Becca & Isabelle to come up close and personal with the famed Disney Princesses. Will update more, with pix, when my sis uploads them onto her facebook :)
Here's a vid of Isaac playing with water! :)

pictures and video above taken on 15 June 2008
Isaac @ 10 months plus
Natalie @ 7 months plus

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