Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Isaac turns 1 today! :)

above picture taken on 6th August 2008 - 6.41am
Isaac @ 24 minutes to 1 year old!!!

It's 6th August 2008! Isaac turns one today!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISAAC!!! :) He Who Laughs is a boy of a million smiles! Look at the pic above! He's grinning from ear to ear at 6.41am in the morning, now tell me - how many of you can do that?!?! hahaha... Isaac would smile almost immediately when he wakes up, sheepishly and sleepily, but smile he will. I think he must have smiled more than a million times since he was born a year ago!

As of today, Isaac can do many things, he can:
  1. Call Mama & Papa (though not necessarily on demand)
  2. Wave goodbye - usually with both hands! vigourously! (on demand, and spontaneous too)
  3. Touch his head - when you ask him where his head is - in Teochew! (not always on demand either)
  4. Clap his hands - almost on demand - in Teochew, English or Chinese.
  5. Stand without support, steadily, for a few seconds. Longer, if he is distracted.
  6. Squat - from a standing position.
  7. Climb - excellently! Anything from sofa, to chairs and tables, to scaling the front face of Mount Mummy - using belly button, tummy fats, breasts and shoulders as footholds, and pulling t-shirt for handholds!
  8. Cruise very well - walking while holding on to furniture.
  9. Walk very well with the walker, or with us holding him by one hand.
  10. Argue and talk back - in gibberish!
  11. Cry - when we leave him at my in laws in the morning. Separation anxiety!
  12. Cry and wants us to carry him - when at an unfamiliar place - as sticky as toffee!
  13. Crawl from the bedroom to the living room to look for us when he wakes up from his nap.
  14. Flip pages of a book - very well!
  15. Play his xylophone

Okay, I can't think of anything more. Other than to drink milk from me in all sorts of positions :p ok ok, too much info, too much info :p hahahaha...

Below are pix from Isaac's THREE birthday celebrations! *faint* We didn't have a choice but to split the birthday celebrations, coz there would have been too many people at the party if we combined all in one.

picture above taken on 26th July 2008
Isaac @ two weeks to 1 year; Natalie @ 9 months; Isabelle @ turned 3 years in May 2008 ; Rebecca @ going to 5 years in November 2008

The above is the first celebration we had on 26th July 2008. It was held at my parents' place, for my relatives - from both my mother and my father side. I come from a big family - both my parents have 9 siblings each. So, I have more than 20 cousins from each side. Both my parents are ranked #5 respectively, amongst their siblings. Thus, I have cousins who are married and have kids too! Hence, you can imagine the crowd. We rsvped 40 adults - not counting including those below 12! It was also a farewell party for my sister they all since they were leaving on 3rd August. We viewed pix from my cousin Yew Jin's trip to Perth, where he stayed with Joel & Andrea and the boys, too. We all had a great time catching up :)

Above is Isaac's first Spidey cake! (the 26th July one) Looks nice, and tastes great!!! So we ordered again from the same shop for the 2nd August party! See below! :) Looks and tastes great too! 2kg each. The first cake above - everyone finished every single scrap of it! (How often does that ever happen!??!) The cake below, coz there were less people at the party, had a 8cm by 8cm chunk remaining - which was fine with me! kekeke *yummy* !!! Oh, how much were they? Just under $70 each :) a bargain!

Here's Isaac admiring his 2nd Spidey cake - he's lucky!!! He's barely one and he's had TWO Spidey cakes!!! I've never had a Spidey birthday cake all my life (so far!) !!!
Managed to get a threesome pic :) And a great pic with my in laws below! This 2nd August party was a pretty big one as well. We held it at our home. Hubbs comes from a big family too. His parents have 6 siblings each. Thus he has many cousins, and a number of nephews and nieces too. We also invited our immediate neighbours, and not forgetting Isaac's Godparents. Rsvped about 30 pax!
I managed to rush out an entire DVD of one year's worth of Isaac's photos from birth, so that was running on the screen the whole night - guaranteed smiles from the birthday boy! kekeke... (Anyone wants a copy, just let me know! :p) Hubbs' cousins & nephews/nieces have also been hooked onto our exciting range of boardgames, so they were playing the games all night, and had lotsa fun :) Yay! We're on our way to introducing more people to boardgames and converting them to being gamers! :)
four pictures above taken on 2nd August 2008
Isaac @ four days to 1 year old

And there's Isaac's Godpa and Godma above, with little Godsis Regina in Godma's tum tum! We can't wait for Regina to come out and play with Isaac - though we've been telling Godma & Godpa to cherish their 2 people world... hahahahaha... no worris, we'd conduct assimilation courses if need be - anyone wants to sign up!? kekeke...

Our 3rd celebration of Isaac's birthday - on the actual day!!! :) I took half day off from work to spend with Isaac. Then, in the evening, my good friend Ailing, dropped by with a delicious black forest cake to celebrate with Isaac and us! Isaac! Say "Thank you, Ee-ee Ailing!!!" :)
Isaac, supremely pleased with his third cake in 3 weeks! :) three pictures above taken on 6th August 2008
Isaac @ 1 year old!!! :)

above picture taken on 3rd August 2008
Isaac @ three days to 1 year old

Here's our sweet Isaac, sitting amid his bounty of presents from his 2nd party the night before (sorry, already opened presents from 26th July hahaha...)

Isaac would sincerely like to thank everyone: those who came to his parties, for coming, and for the presents and ang pows, and well wishes, those who couldn't come and sent presents, ang pows and well wishes, those who weren't invited to neither of the 3 parties and STILL sent presents/angpows/wellwishes!!! Goodness. He is one popular baby! :) THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!

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  1. Happy 1st Birthday Isaac. May you always remain happy and cheerful and may you continue to be blessed with so many well wishes and presents for your every other birthday.

    Hope to get to know you better one day soon.


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