Tuesday, 5 August 2008

My lil' techie boy!

photo taken on 7th June 2008
Isaac @ 10 months

That's my lil techie boy, at his laptop again (a real NEC - Pentium 3!). That was the laptop I bought when I was in uni, a bit dated now, but it still works fine. So I've given it to Isaac for him to play with.

He loves it, he'd stand there at his laptop and bang away on the keyboard - like real! hahaha... But... he knows his stuff, this lil' techie - he'd want MY computer! He'd insist on sitting on MY computer chair, and type on MY keyboard, and use MY mouse! I tried to give him a mouse to go with his laptop but he still prefers mine. Sighz. Guess he knows my computer is more souped up than his.

That's my lil' techie for you! :)

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