Monday, 4 August 2008

off to San Francisco!

They flew off yesterday afternoon! My Mum, my sister, bro-in-law, and their three princesses: Rebecca, Isabelle and Natalie. Chris is going to take his Masters course at Stanford for a year, so my sister is following him to the States, together with the girls. My Mum's going to help out my sis for a few months before coming back to give my Dad some TLC ;)

The Koh Princesses three!
Rebecca! Isabelle! Natalie!

The We'd be missing them. (and we certainly hope they miss us!) But it's not too bad, it's only a year. It'd be a good experience for them. How hubbs and I wish we'd such a chance too. Ah well. Oh, just so long as they come back after a year, and not say that they've decided to stay there for good. That'd be devastating. Rebecca, the BIG sister :)

So, hubbs and I are planning to go visit them in December this year, along with Isaac of course. I love going to the States. Hope we'd be able to spend at least 2 weeks there. May even drop by Texas to visit a good friend of mine. Plus we can load up on more Spidey merchandise - fabooo!!!
Isabelle, the Er-Jie (second older sister) aka Da-Mei (oldest younger sister!) ;p

So, with States in December, we'd probably do Perth next June. But then again, we MAY swop it around. Coz the above would mean low cold winter degrees on both trips. But then to swop it around would mean high hot summer degrees on both trips! yikes. I'm more for the cold, but you know hubbs, he's getting in on years and his old bones can't take the cold well kekeke... (actually, it's probably that he doesn't have the fats like I have that help insulate me from the cold - damn!!!) Natalie! The precious little one :)

beautifully taken pictures above taken sometime in 2008
by Christopher Koh - Papa of the girls!
Rebecca @ 4 plus; Isabelle @ 2 plus; Natalie @ more than 6 months

Well, we'd see. We're looking forward to both trips where we can see our loved ones! You know, whenever I think about how it's so troublesome to travel overseas to faraway lands, I always think of those computer games I used to watch Joel play when I was young. The characters could TELEPORT!!! Wow! I remember being fascinated with that concept - to be able to just enter a chamber, and disappear from one location, and transported to another location miles away, within seconds!!! Sighz. when oh when will that become a reality. *whisper* Isaac, quick grow up and invent that! kekeke...
picture above taken on 4th June 2008
Isaac @ two days to 10 months
Natalie @ 6 and a half months

I'd miss taking pix of the girls, and of Isaac and Natalie playing together. By the time they get back, both Isaac and Natalie would be walking already! :) Sighz... ah well, with internet and applications like skype, facebook and blogs - shouldn't be a problem keeping in touch! Hail the World Wide Web!!! :D


  1. So, I guess your Mum's not returning for Alvin's wedding. I was still hoping to catch up with everyone then ... if the jet lag does not affect me too much.

    I think the USA in June and Perth in December works better because think of the smaller amount of luggage you have to carry around and all the extra clothes you have to buy for Isaac to insulate him.

    Moreover, it is the Summer blockbuster season in the States in June, which means that you may be able to get more updated stuff if there is a Spidey 4 release then.

    It is inevitable that you will miss them, but like you said, it's only a year, and think of how useful this year will be to get Isaac away from his fan-addiction. ;-)

  2. She wants to return for Alvin's wedding, but it's whether my sister can cope with 3 girls on her own. If she can't, my mum'd have to stay till Nov, till when my sis' MIL comes, then she can come back. If my sis can cope, then my mum'd come back for Alvin's wedding. Great to hear you'd be back for it! :D

    sighz. US in June and Perth in Dec now sounds mighty tempting now that you mention Spidey... :p

    no can do for cold turkey from fans - cos our house also have fan! and my in laws place also! hahaha...

    rather, it's more that in this one year, Isaac won't be terrorized by Isabelle every week, so hopefully Isabelle gets over her jealous stage by the time they're back :p


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