Friday, 1 August 2008

Playing with the fan

above picture taken on 1st June 2008
Isaac @ five days to 10 months

yes, this is my dear Isaac playing with the fan. He loves playing with the fan. Whether it's at my place, my mum's place, my in laws' place, or my friends' place - he enjoys playing with the fan. He'd crawl up to them, play with the buttons, and reaching out for the top, even.

Then we would always pull him away, and refuse to let him play. This would trigger his screams and crying, coz we deny him what he wants. sighz. so naughty!!!

Incidentally, Isabelle is one for playing with fans too. Becca, not so much - she did, for awhile, but after awhile she stopped. Isabelle is persisting still. sighz. Well, we hope Isaac won't... :p

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