Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Remote Controls & Couch Potatos

Oh yeah! As Matthew pointed out - the pictures posted yesterday (the ones with ET) showed Isaac with a remote control in his hand! Actually I didn't even notice that... hahaha...

Dunno what is it with babies and remotes, isn't it? They all seem to love wielding the remote. Maybe it's The Power That Lies Within it that beckons them. hahahhaa...

Isaac's no exception. Whether it's at home, or my in laws place, or my parents place, or at our friends' place - he loves holding the remote.

He's pretty handy with it too. Knows how to point it at the tv and press the buttons so that it changes the channel. One time, at my in laws place, my sis-in-law handed him a remote for a device that was no longer working. So even though he pointed it at the tv in the room and pressed the buttons, the channel didn't change. So, he crawled out of the bedroom, remote in hand, and went to the living room and pointed it at the tv there! hahahaha... Good thinking! He probably thought that the remote was for the tv outside! :)

There was one Saturday morning, when hubbs switched on the tv to watch the Olympics, Isaac promptly accosted the remote, and aimed, pressed the button, and immediately changed the channel to another channel which was showing Thomas the Engine! Then he stopped pressing, and watched it for awhile! Wah!!! We were soooo impressed! hhahahhahahaa...

Oh speaking of the Olympics, we watched the closing ceremony on Sunday at home, on our big screen. Isaac was so excited during the mass(ive) display! He really enjoyed it! We were so amused.

We haven't really started Isaac on watching kids progammes and all, so he isn't a tv addict yet. We figured he's gonna start watching tv sooner or later, and in all likelihood - be addicted like all other kids. So we're trying to postpone that as long as we can.

Right now, he only 'sees' tv when the adults see. Even then, he's not very interested, he'd rather play with his toys or with the magnets on the fridge or with us or have us read to him, rather than watch tv. We're pretty alright with that, so we're gonna let it be for some time.

Oh these couple of pictures below were taken a long time ago, in January this year, when Isaac was 5 and a half months old. He'd just learnt to watch tv at that time, so he was kinda taken with it for awhile.
There were times where my dad, hubbs and Isaac were all watching tv in that kinda tv trance - but I didn't manage to catch that pic. haha managed to catch the above of my dad and Isaac though.

My dad is quite a major couch potato. And... sighz, so is hubbs actually, though not so bad now. I'm hoping Isaac would be more a reader (like me! *grinz*) than a couch potato (like his papa). Seems like it's going that way now, so I'm rather glad - but still keeping my fingers crossed. At one time, Isaac really liked the tv too, so much so that I was calling him Spud for awhile. hahaha...
pictures taken on 20th January 2008
Isaac @ 5 and a half months old


  1. LOL. My dad is a major couch potato too. Joy and Joshua once made a comment that he is always watching TV. ;-)

    Isaac is indeed quite alert and intelligent. During my last visit, Joshua saw me surfing the internet and rushed to me immediately.

    He ushered me to pick him up on my lap and then uttered "Thomas Thomas" or "horse horse" (when he was younger).

    I got onto the Thomas The Tank Engine website, hoping that it would please him and then he might be satisfied.

    But No, he took over the mouse and started navigating the site, eventually settling on the game. I let him sit by himself and watched what he would do next.

    He ended up playing the games and each time he won, he would lift up his hand, clench his fist and shout "Yes!".

    It was amazing!

  2. yeah man, kids are simply amazing! :D


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