Monday, 18 August 2008

This is Chan Yu!

Isaac & friends: Chan Yu & Chan Hay

Remember this when we announced the birth of Chan Hay's brother? Here he is! This is Chan Yu! Ain't he a little cutie?! :)
Here's Isaac trying to rock Yu. We had to keep telling him to be gentle though, coz he rocked Yu very hard! :p
Here's Isaac and Hay playing together :) Now that Isaac's more mobile, Hay probably find that he's much more "fun" to play with than he was a few months ago.
Hay, being about one and a half years older than Isaac, is more conscious, and he actually remembers who Isaac is. Usually, before we meet, Hay's parents would tell him that Isaac is coming (to his house) or that he would be meeting Isaac at the party/gathering later in the day etc. And it seems that Hay would remember who Isaac is and would look forward to playing with him :)

Below is our two heros taking a spin on Hay's trusty scooter! :)
pictures above taken on 7th June 08
Hay @ 2 years plus;
Isaac @ 10 months;
Yu @ 2 months!

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