Thursday, 21 August 2008

Who's a tissue puller?!

This is our hero, caught in the midst of his naughty deed.

As you know, hubbs is a teacher, so we wake up very early on weekdays, like at 6ish, and most of the time, Isaac would wake up around that time too. So it has kinda been ingrained in his bodyclock to wake up at that time everyday... which unfortunately, includes the weekends!?!?

Most weekends, I'd try my best to get Isaac to sleep longer, by drawing the curtains to make the room darker, and also, I'd like plug him in and let him suckle himself to sleep again. But sometimes, there's only so much I can delay his waking up time, and he'd be up and about. Hubbs and I have kinda resigned ourselves to this fate, so we just carry on sleeping and let Isaac entertain himself - while I occasionally open my eyes to take a peep at what he's doing to keep an eye on him...

picture and video above taken on 8th June 2008
Isaac @ 10 months

So on this particular morning, Isaac entertained himself alright... he got to indulge in one of his favourite games - pull tissue outta the box!!! tsk tsk tsk... by the time I found out... you can see the amount of damage done... decided to document it!!! hahahha...

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