Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Haircut at 12 months

This was Isaac before his haircut. All smiley as always, having a fun time using his walker. Then he had his haircut...
Look at him - cry until like that. Sighz. His very first haircut, he didn't really cry. But thereafter, he'd cry during each haircut. Though, we do notice, that as time goes by, his cries are not a terror-filled as it was before.
The thing with my darling boy, is that even though I am the one wielding the shears, sorry, the shaver, or actually, the proper name is the hair clipper - Isaac would still run to be to be comforted. Thus, I actually end up holding him in one arm, whilst continuing to shave his head.
2 aug 2008

Sometimes, hubbs would hold on to him while I shave him. This is especially when we need to shave some pattern - like leaving a patch in front - like a china boy.

Yes, in case you're wondering, it's cut like that upon special request from hubbs. Dunno if I've mentioned it before, but hubbs and his family (and I mean entire extended family) all lurrrves the china boy cut. Whilst my parents and relatives are like:"Why cut like until like that?!" though later, most of them do concede "Actually quite cute lah..."

hahahaha... yeah, I must admit that I was quite reluctant to give him the china boy look in the beginning, but then after it was cut, I too admit that he looks rather cute with the lil tuft in front.

hubbs students all say that Isaac has more hair in his tuft of hair than hubbs had in HIS tuft - what's left of it, that is!!! ;p

The DUH look

So DUH, right? hahahahahhaa....Not for long!!!
See his teeth? :) he has 8 teeth now at 13 months. But he's been having 8 teeth for quite awhile already. He like had 2, then 4, then 8! Wow! Doubling! Next is 16! No wonder it's taking awhile to come up!
I love Isaac's pyjamas. They're cute, don't you think!? :)
Here's Isaac and his Papa! ;)
pictures above taken on 2nd August 2008
Isaac @ four days to 1 year!

Happy Belated Birthday, Sixuan!

Ain't this a great pic?! I love it!!! :)

This is sweet little Sixuan, daughter of my colleague Huey Ching.

Sixuan just turned 1 year old on 19th August! Happy Belated Birthday Sixuan!!! :)

Isaac on the walker vid

This is a vid of Isaac on the walker, about a week before his 1 year birthday. Even then he was pretty steady, but think was a matter of no confidence that he needed support while walking.

Now, at 13 months, he walks pretty steadily on his own, without support. If we're holding his hand, he actually walks faster than me! hahaha (then again that may say something more about my walking speed than his. hahahaha)


video taken on 30th July 2008
Isaac @ a week to 1 year!!!

Monday, 29 September 2008

Isaac in cute pjs!

Look! I bought this set of pjs coz they were so cute! I loved the little train sections all over it. Plus it was a Carters going for cheap at $10 for the set - who can resist such a bargain! kekeke...

See, this is our hero pretending to be asleep...
Then he comes alive!!! hahahaha...
Reaching out for Mummy...
Showing off his Isaac Power Hand kungfu move!

Our hero in sheepish grin ;p
pictures above taken on 29th July 2008
Isaac @ eight days to 12 months

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Don't cry, my Isaac.

A few weeks ago, I was in KL for a company trip. I was away for 5 days 4 nights. Isaac missed me very much, as I did him. According to hubbs, it wasn't just that he cried at night, but that throughout the day, Isaac would be kinda down and subdued. Not his usual smiley and laughey self.

When I got back to Singapore, I raced home to put down my stuff, took a quick bath, and quickly hopped on a cab to my in laws place to see my Isaac. I imagine in my mind how our 'reunion' would look like. I pictured in my mind that Isaac would be all smiles when he sees me, just like he usually does when I see him after coming back from office every night.

When I got there, Isaac had just fallen asleep - his afternoon nap. He was in the sarong. I sat by the sarong, just looking at him. I couldn't resist stroking his head and his cheek.

Perhaps it was my touch, or my smell, or just isaac-mummy sense - Isaac opened his eyes and saw me. For a moment, he seemed dazed and didn't react. For a split second, I panicked and thought that he had forgotten me already, that he'd not recognised who I was.

Then, Isaac kinda tried to sit up, and indicated that he wanted to be carried. I gladly picked him up and we had a long hug. Isaac just placed his head on my shoulders. And was contented to let me hug him, and him me.

He didn't smile widely, as I thought he would. He didn't even smile. He just looked... relieved. Just... glad, that I was home. And frankly, so was I - I missed him so much. I was just glad to be be with him again.

Since my return, till today, two full weeks have passed. And since then till now, Isaac has been paranoid. I think he's paranoid that I would leave him again. I think he feels that I had abandoned him.

Now, he would not allow me out of his sight at all. Once I am out of sight, he would whimper and cry in the desperate and panicky manner of one who has lost something he treasures. He never used to do this. We were very close and he would stick to me, yes, but not to this extent.

Now, when he wakes up in his bed while we're not in the bedroom, he'd immediately cry very desperately and panickly searching for me. Before, he would simply crawl out of the bedroom, into the living room to look for us. He would not cry at all.

Now, he wakes up intermittenly with a sharp desperate cry, then he sees that I am there, then he tries to climb up to want me to hold him, then he goes back to sleep. Before, he would just look up to check that I'm still there, and just turn and go back to sleep - no cry nor fuss at all.

Now, he sticks to me and wants me to do everything for him, though thankfully most of the time he's still ok with hubbs. But if I am around, he'd refuse my mother in law or the helper to bathe him nor do anything for him. Before, he was quite alright and reasonably allowed my MIL and the helper to do stuff for him, even when I was around.

Now, it's very tough to drop him off at my in laws in the morning coz he'd cry when he realises I am leaving. I have taken to sneaking away while my in laws distract him. Before, he understands that I need to go to work, and can smile and wave goodbye most of the time when I drop him off.

Just this morning, he was cranky in the car-seat when I was driving. He was crying and screaming his head off - he wanted me to hold him. But I couldn't, coz I was driving. But his crying was inconsolably pathetic, so I turned back during traffic light stops, to try to pacify him by holding his hands. I used to always try to do this before, but before, he would always beat away my hands, as he was angry that I couldn't carry him. But today, he actually kept quiet the moment he held my finger. But as the lights changed and I needed to change gears, I'd have to pull back my finger - which triggered fresh new cries of terror when he realises that my finger is slipping away. He starts to grab my finger more tightly, and he tries to grab the other fingers with his other hand, desperately trying to prevent me from slipping away...

He never used to be like that.

Paranoid, right?!

Sighz. But I don't blame him at all. It must have been very traumatic for him to realise his mummy's gone. Just like that. And now that she's back, she better not leave again. So he's doing his best to ensure that.

I thought about it, and realised that I didn't really pre-empt him that I was going to be away for awhile. I realised that I had underestimated my importance to him. I realised that I unconciously thought I was only important to him coz of milk only.

Thus, what I had been pre-empting him before my trip, was to let him know that I would not be around to (breast)feed him. I'd keep repeating to him:"Isaac, Mummy would not be able to feed you, you know. You must be a good boy and listen to Papa and Ah Mah, ok? You must drink the milk they make for you. Coz Mummy won't be able to feed you. So you be good boy and drink formula milk ok? Be good boy... Mummy's so sorry Mummy cannot feed you... you be good boy and listen to Papa ok?"repeat. ad nauseam. on and on, I would.

Just a passing reference that I would be away. But mostly about milk!!! So, I realised, that to Isaac, I'd literally abandoned him without explanation! sighz.

I'm so sorry, Isaac. Sorry Mummy didn't warn you. Mummy is back now. Mummy won't leave again. Don't cry, Isaac. There's no need to cry. Mummy is back. Mummy loves you, you know. Even when Mummy's not around, Mummy loves you. Don't cry,ok? Mummy loves you very much. Who sayang Isaac? Mummy sayang Isaac. So Isaac don't cry, ok? Please don't cry. Mummy loves you. Don't cry, my Isaac. Please don't cry. Mummy loves you.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

In Church

Managed to catch this pix of Isaac in church! :) Not bad, huh. kekeke...

Isaac is generally well behaved in church. But when he learnt how to crawl and walk, now all he wants to do is to walk to the front of the church where the proceedings are! We defintely can't let him do it when mass is on. But when mass is over, we can let him crawl where he wants! :)

Here's a vid of him making his way to the baptismal font. Affinity to water, this boy has!!!

picture and video above taken on 27th July 2008
Isaac @ 11 months plus

The bathrobe parade!

Presenting... Isaac in The Bathrobe Parade!!! hahahahaa...
We found this bathrobe amongst the clothes we have for Isaac that we've got passed down to us from various sources (thank you everyone!!! :) So we put it on for him after bath one day, and took some pix :p
We don't really use it coz we usually towel him down after his bath and quickly dress him - coz we're always afraid he will catch a chill, right ;p But think we should put it in the swimming bag, he can wear it when he comes out from the pool :)
Happy boy as always. Though not always happy immediately after his bathtime coz he wants to stay in the tub longer!!! Isaac loves the water and would always want to have a longer bath than we would usually allow him. Though, think I am the impatient one where, once we're done, play a little while, I would wanna take him out. But hubbs tends to understand this 'playing' thing more. He'd let Isaac play 'sufficiently' before taking him out. But I dunno how he gauges 'sufficiently' coz hubbs doesn't let Isaac bathe too long either. But he lets him bathe long enough such that Isaac is always okay about coming out of the bath.
I asked hubbs:"Hey! How come when you take him out, he doesn't cry. But when I do, he does?" Hubbs:"Coz I let him play long enough mah..." hahahaa... I think that's one point. But another point I noticed, is that hubbs would always tell Isaac that it's time to come up, and then count to 10 with him, using Isaac's hands to splash/'beat' the water with each count. End the count with major splashing finale, then take him out. And Isaac has no complaints!? So the next time I try that too - and it works!!! :) hahahaha... hubbs so clever... kekeke...
Isaac loves to see himself in the mirror. Sometimes, he'd just stand in front of the mirror, with his hands on his tummy, then he'd rotate his torso from from side to side, looking at the mirror! hahaha... it's quite hilarious. Will try to catch a vid of that if I can.
Isaac climbs onto our bed with ease now. At night, sometimes he would wake up and climb onto our bed, to look for me. So sometimes we let him sleep between us for awhile. But we don't want him to make a habit of it, so I usually place him back on his bed after awhile. Isaac's also more used to his bed as he would have more space to flip around (when he sleeps - yes!). Hubbs too, he would always complain he has no space to turn when Isaac is on the bed. ;p
pictures above taken on 27th July 2008
Isaac @ ten days to 1 year!!!

Oh did I mention that Isaac can walk already? At 13 months, he can walk. Sighz. which is a constant reminder to me that I am way behind on blog posts with the pix. Been trying to catch up... Friends suggest that I should just abandon the lag period and just go to present day. But how can I do that?!?! This is supposed to be the CHRONICLES of Isaac! Cannot skip lah... :p Okay, I will try me utmost best!!! Aim to be current by end of this year!!! :p

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Just wake up look again!

Here's Isaac in his "just wake up look" again. I always find that he looks rather different first thing in the morning. But I like to take pix in the mornings when Isaac's just up, coz he tends to be very bright and cheery, and the sunlight generally makes pix look good :pHere's Isaac playing with his medicine bottles. For sometime a few months back, both he, hubbs and I were all down with flu/cough etc. Took ages to go away. Isaac quite likes to take medicine though. Think he likes the taste. *shrug* He loves playing with the bottles. Whenever we feed him his medicine, he must always have one of the bottles in his hand, before he allows us to place the spoon in his mouth and let him drink it. Oh yeah, he doesn't like the syringe, prefers the spoon. So we literally tip the medicine into his mouth.

This is Isaac's pouting look. He's started to do that. Dunno where he learn from. hahaha...

And this is just Isaac. My Isaac. Mine mine mine!!! (hubbs says next time Isaac's wife will have a hard time with me. hummphh... and hubbs also says I will get retribution!!! *sob*sob* noooo... )
pictures above taken on 27th July 2008
Isaac @ 11 months plus

Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Hehehe... I've been getting friends who go to usa for trips to get me spidey-wear for my Spideyboy! :)

Who's a paper flapperer?!

Isaac is!!! When we check the mailbox, we usually hand him the junk mail for him to play with. So, one day we had quite a lot of junk mailers, and so he and hubbs, started flapping them.
hahaha... dunno how it started, think we realised it made him laugh, so they just kept doing it. Look at the mess they made! :p

Here's our lil paper flapperer in action :p

pictures and video above taken on 26th July 2008
Isaac @ 11 months plus

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Climb up and up and up

Look what else our hero was doing on his birthday (celebration day)!!!

video taken on 26th July 2008
Isaac @ two weeks to 1 year old

Isaac loves to climb the stairs. And he's pretty good at it too. We just have to watch him a bit. So, during the party, I managed to get my cousins to take turns to watch him as he climbs up. Take truns - coz very tiring you know! For the adults, that is!!! hahahaha...

Friday, 19 September 2008

The 1 year birthday celebration 2 months ago

Hahhaaha... remember the 1 year old birthday celebration for Isaac almost 2 months ago? Well, here are more pix from his first birthday party, on the 26th July 2008. We purposely had the party for him before my sis and the girls left for usa.
Here're pix of the girls with us. Think Natalie was sleeping at that time or something. My sister has uploaded pix of them in usa on her Facebook, but I haven't got round to downloading them for posting here :p
Here are the girls and Isaac fawning over the spiderman cake. My sister says that whenever the girls see spiderman stuff, they'd say "Buy for Ee-ee!!!" or "Buy for Isaac!!!" hahaha... so got heart. sighz. kekeke...
Time really flies. The girls are so big already. Did I tell you that hubbs and I got together the year Rebecca was born? (albeit earlier in the year) And we got married one day before Isabelle was born. So every year we see them grow bigger, we know we've been together that much longer :) So everytime my sister mentions Isabelle's birthday celebration, we'd go:"Oh yah! our wedding anniversay coming hor?!" hahahhaa...
Here's pix of Isaac having fun crawling about underneath the dining table :p
As you can see, Isabelle came to join in the fun too! hahaha... actually, this is one of Isabelle's favourite activity too, especially when she was younger - crawling underneath the same dining table!

pictures taken on 26th July 2008
Isaac @ two weeks to 1 year old
Isabelle @ 3 years 2 months plus
Rebecca @ three and a half months to 5 years old

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Isaac suck thumb?!

picture taken on 19th July 2008
Isaac @ 11 months plus

Isaac suck thumb!?

I was kinda surprised to see Isaac with his thumb in his mouth coz I've not seen him do that before!

We've been pretty lucky with Isaac in the sense that he
  1. Doesn't take the pacifier
  2. Doesn't have a security blanket/pillow/item/toy
  3. Doesn't have a tendency to put everything into his mouth
  4. Doesn't suck his thumb
Even till now, he doesn't suck his thumb. The picture taken above seems like a one off thing that happened.

Oh, yeah, I guess, I am his human pacifier. Or, my boobsies, to be exact.


The weaning story... coming right up...

Monday, 15 September 2008

Isaac reading in the car

yay! More pix of Isaac reading! I love to see my Isaac reading. He's usually quite serious and intense when he reads. Hahahhaa...
I've stocked a number of books in the car for his reading pleasure. He usually goes through them all. His nursery rhymes, his bible stories, and his Godma got him a nice book for his birthday - one of ABCs with textures on the pictures.

That reminds me! I've to get more books to put in the car for him! :)
pictures taken on 19th July 2008
Isaac @ 11 months plus

Isaac the tissue shredder!

Here's our hero trying to explain himself.

On weekend mornings, hubbs and I would do our best to sleep in. We'd ignore Isaac even though we know he's awake, coz he's very good at crawling, and climbing around our room, and we know he won't hurt himself. So we basically leave him alone while we try to catch a few more winks.
But look what we woke up to one sunday morning! HAH YOH!!! And look at the gleeful look on this boy!?!? sighz... ;p
pictures above taken on 13th July 2008
Isaac @ 11 months plus

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Riding the stroller, Isaac style!

Yes, that's how our hero rides in his stroller sometimes. Stylo mylo, huh. Dangerous too, some of you might add. But we're usually careful not to push too fast, and we always make sure he's holding on tight, so it's alright.

He just refuses to sit down sometimes. And he kinda mastered the art of being able to wriggle out of his seat belt restraints, so it's not like we can control it.

pictures above taken on 13th July 2008
Isaac @ 11 months plus

You notice the items in his stoller in the first pix above? Yeah, we're in the supermarket, shopping for stuff. Did you ever notice, that nowadays, stollers are now usually holding items rather than babies??? hahahhaa...

These kids huh... :p

Isaac our climber!

Here's our expert climber again! Climbing up and down the sofa is not a problem at all for this 11 month old! He's very good at his "backside down first"s too! :) enjoy the vids!!!

picture and videos above taken on 12th July 2008
Isaac @ 11 months plus

Friday, 12 September 2008

Down you go, you spinning machines!

picture above taken on 12th July 2008
Isaac @ 11 months plus

See what's our hero up to? Pushing down the fans!

We've taken to not switching on the floor fans since our hero started crawling, coz he would tend to go towards the fans. It's useless even if we use the fan netting covers to cover the fans coz Isaac would just pull them away from the fan. So we just unplugged, and didn't use the fans anymore.

At that time in July, we had yet to keep the fans in the store room, so they were still on the floor. And Isaac would enjoy just pushing them over. Just like that. Just PUSH THEM OVER. sighz. hahahhahaa...

Isaac loves books!

This is Isaac busy in his cot, reading his book of nursery rhymes. He hardly sits in his cot quietly like that. This was one time he did, and that's coz he's reading a book. He flips the pages like a pro - from one end of the book to the other end, then he'd flip over, look at the cover for awhile, and start flipping it back the other direction.
We read to Isaac all the time. I would read to him English books, while hubbs would read to him Chinese ones. He would be able to identify the book too - those that we read to him very often.

We have this Dr Seuss book that does the alphebets this way:"Big A, little a, what begins with A? Auntie Annie's alligator, A! A! A! Big B, little b, what begins with B? Benny and his bouncing ball! B! B! B! Big C, little c, what begins with C? " and so it goes. Actually I can't recall the exact words, just how the alphabets get introduced, and it's easy to make things up as you go along (just start with the relevant alphabet!) so it's easy to read that to him coz we can kinda remember it by heart. So now, whenever we start saying:"Big A, little a, what begins with A?" then he would look around for the book, and hand it to us! :)
above pictures taken on 12th July 2008
Isaac @ 11 months plus

Hubbs bought this chinese book with classic chinese short poems, and would always read it to Isaac in the living room. One day, in the bedroom, hubbs recited out loud the first two lines of a poem from this chinese book that he always reads to Isaac. Isaac looked at hubbs, smiled, and crawled out all the way from the bedroom, to the living room, and took THE book, and handed it to hubbs!!! Wow!!! Hubbs was sooooooo pleased with him!!! hahahhaha :)


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