Thursday, 11 September 2008

Waiting for Ayden to come play with us!

Isaac & friends: Carrie

Isaac and Carrie playing together! We're at Ayden's place, but at that time, Ayden was still in his Mummy's comfy stomach! :)

photos above taken on 5th July2008
Isaac @ a day to 11 months
Carrie @ six days to 10 months

Carrie is comfortable around Isaac. I hear from Carrie's three Godmas (yes! three again! Two of them are Ayden's Godma's plus Ayden's Mummy! hahahaha), that Carrie's kinda scared of people she's not very familiar with.

But she seems aye okay with Isaac :) well maybe that's coz they're about the same age. Anywayz, nice that they can play together.

I'm gonna schedule this post to post at midnight - September 11th! Carrie's birthday!!! Happy Birthday Carrie!!! :D

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  1. Hey thanks for remembering Carrie's birthday !! Hee.. i hope our 2 kids will not bully little ayden !! Hahah


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