Sunday, 7 September 2008

Ayden arrives on 5th of Sept 2008!

Congrats to Ing Shan & Elgin on the birth of their little Prince Ayden! :) Emerging on Friday afternoon, Ayden weighs a good 3.17kg which is lots considering the petite size of his Mummy! Elgin & Ing Shan are our friends from Happy Friends Club! and Ayden is our 4th HFC baby! (Isaac was 2nd! kekeke...)
These great pix are courtesy of Daphne! Thanks for letting me borrow the, Daph! :p Daphne is one of Ayden's Godmas... yes, he has more than one, in fact, he has three!!! hahaha!!! So, congrats to the three Godmas: Daphne, Peishi and Weiping!!!

And look what cheeky Isaac is doing? Isaac's cheekily peeping in on Ayden while he drinks his colostrum! hahahaha... :) He's eagerly anticipating the day he can play with Ayden! :) yay!!!
pictures above taken by Daphne Chan on 5th September 2008
Ayden @ approx 5 hours old
Isaac @ 13 months exactly! :)

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