Friday, 5 September 2008

Chloe's birthday party on 5th July 2008

Chloe's birthday is on 5th July - she's born exactly 1 month and 1 day before Isaac. Chloe's my cousin Valerie's daughter. Here's a great pic of Chloe with her daddy Paul and mummy Valerie!Hehehe, here's my sis with Natalie, Valerie with Chloe and myself with Isaac! :)
Yes, Isaac, that's Chloe and this is her birthday party.
Here's Valerie and Paul, with Isaac, Chloe and Natalie! As you can see, Isaac was kinda cranky. He's kinda sticky to meself and hubbs, especially with people he's not familiar with, he'd want us to carry him only. Koala bear! :)
See, playing on his own, he's alright :) Getting warmed up.

Party was held at Dempsey's Bambinos! So there was a ball pit that Isaac could play in :)
He loved it!!! :)
Pictures above taken on 5th July 2008
Chloe @ 1 year exactly
Isaac @ 11 months
Natalie @ 8 months

Chloe @ 1 plus year old :)

A recent pic of Chloe! :) so cute, right?!

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