Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Isaac suck thumb?!

picture taken on 19th July 2008
Isaac @ 11 months plus

Isaac suck thumb!?

I was kinda surprised to see Isaac with his thumb in his mouth coz I've not seen him do that before!

We've been pretty lucky with Isaac in the sense that he
  1. Doesn't take the pacifier
  2. Doesn't have a security blanket/pillow/item/toy
  3. Doesn't have a tendency to put everything into his mouth
  4. Doesn't suck his thumb
Even till now, he doesn't suck his thumb. The picture taken above seems like a one off thing that happened.

Oh, yeah, I guess, I am his human pacifier. Or, my boobsies, to be exact.


The weaning story... coming right up...

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