Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Just wake up look again!

Here's Isaac in his "just wake up look" again. I always find that he looks rather different first thing in the morning. But I like to take pix in the mornings when Isaac's just up, coz he tends to be very bright and cheery, and the sunlight generally makes pix look good :pHere's Isaac playing with his medicine bottles. For sometime a few months back, both he, hubbs and I were all down with flu/cough etc. Took ages to go away. Isaac quite likes to take medicine though. Think he likes the taste. *shrug* He loves playing with the bottles. Whenever we feed him his medicine, he must always have one of the bottles in his hand, before he allows us to place the spoon in his mouth and let him drink it. Oh yeah, he doesn't like the syringe, prefers the spoon. So we literally tip the medicine into his mouth.

This is Isaac's pouting look. He's started to do that. Dunno where he learn from. hahaha...

And this is just Isaac. My Isaac. Mine mine mine!!! (hubbs says next time Isaac's wife will have a hard time with me. hummphh... and hubbs also says I will get retribution!!! *sob*sob* noooo... )
pictures above taken on 27th July 2008
Isaac @ 11 months plus

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