Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Who's a paper flapperer?!

Isaac is!!! When we check the mailbox, we usually hand him the junk mail for him to play with. So, one day we had quite a lot of junk mailers, and so he and hubbs, started flapping them.
hahaha... dunno how it started, think we realised it made him laugh, so they just kept doing it. Look at the mess they made! :p

Here's our lil paper flapperer in action :p

pictures and video above taken on 26th July 2008
Isaac @ 11 months plus

1 comment:

  1. Looks like our sons share more than just a name.

    My Isaac also loves to shred papers. We gave him the Aussino catalogue to entertain himself while we watch TV besides him.

    Whenever we go through our mails, we will hand him all the flyers and unwanted junk mails as well. He will sit there and have a field day. He can be left alone for maybe half hour before he seeks new attention.


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