Thursday, 23 October 2008

Climbing aspirations

Hubbs loves rock climbing... and he often laments that he doesn't have the time to climb anymore. he used to try to go to Climb Aventure at West Coast Recreation Centre to climb during the school hols when he had a bit of spare time in the afternoons. But that has since closed down, much to his disappointment.
Here we are at the Jurong West library cafe, having our breakfast. And I spotted some climbing magazines while chaperoning Isaac on his wanders around the library. So I brought them back to hubbs. Here he is eagerly showing Isaac the beatiful climbing pictures, and telling him about how they could go climbing next time once Isaac is old enough and big enough not to fall out of his harness.
The picture above shows hubbs trying to teach Isaac some overhang hand hold or something... and below - some kinda hook around the cliff/rock or something... hahaha...
Yeah, hubbs is eagerly awaiting Isaac joining him in his sports when he gets older. frankly, so am I! It's be fun to bring the kids on camping trips (we'd start in my parents' place garden ;p), canoeing expeditions to Ubin, rockclimbing trips to Krabi, climbing the smaller mountains in Malaysia... It'd be a blast! :)
pix taken on 21st September 2008
Isaac @ 13 months plus

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