Thursday, 16 October 2008

Dinner @ Charlene & Lucas Cafe

Isaac & friends: Charlene

Actually this was the dinner we had at Charlene & Lucas Cafe before Lucas was born... hahaha... (yes, that was when Charlene & Lucas' mummy and daddy still had time to entertain and have us over for dinner kekeke...)The thing with kids of Isaac's age is, they prefer to play with kids older than themselves, rather than kids of their own age.
So, Isaac appeared to enjoy playing with Charlene more, than he did todds his own age like Zenon, Carrie and Ray.
Of course, it does help that Charlene is one sweet little girl too... ;) Look at the picture above! Looks like Isaac is snatching side glances at Charlene!
Here, Isaac shows you, that you don't have to learn to walk, before you start making the moves on a girl... woooot!!!
"Hello there, beautiful! :)"
"You look nice with your hair behind your ears..."
"Now, let me give you a massage..."
"okay! enough for today!" *cannot show all my tricks in one day!*
"Now for some fun!!!"
Mary & ZY actually rented this swing/slide thingy. So when we go to their place, they sometimes have different 'toys' - usually huge ones like that. We think it's a good idea to rent such huge toys like that rather than buy them, since it would cost more, and take up a lot of space!
See how Isaac enjoys the swing! :)

pictures and video above taken on 17th August 2008
Isaac @ 12 months plus
Charlene @ just past 3 years

17 Aug 2008

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